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Sep 14, 2011 04:06 PM

PJ's Buttercream Brownies

When I was a little girl, my parents would reward me for being good by bringing me to PJs coffee and buying me my favorite treat in the world: a "buttercream brownie."

About ten years ago, I think, PJs discontinued this item. I seriously have dreams about those brownies and am dying to get, at the very least, the recipe.

They were fudge, not overly sweet brownies with a thick layer of cream cheese buttercream frosting that had a baked, crackly surface.

please, please, please recreate my childhood :)

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  1. You can try here for starters

    Someone may have a recipe, or know where to find them

    1. Oh man Crepe Suzette, if you only knew how I've searched for the same recipe!

      To my knowledge, last I saw one was probably around 2006 or 2007. Once I asked and the girl behind the counter said they just came in a box from somewhere else....

      I loathe cream cheese and can go with some certainty that there is NOT cream cheese in these guys. The taste was always distinctly buttercream only to me. I've tried swirling buttercream with added flour in brownies and it gets sort of there but needs more body (maybe its *some* cream cheese just not enough to get that noticeable tang?)

      Many people have had recipes for cream cheese swirled brownies but none I've seen for a more buttercream version.

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        You can also try e-mailing Judy Walker at the Times Picayune

        She has a weekly column that readers send in queries for lost recipes - and her readers almost always produce the missing recipe. Try that and see if someone can come up with your buttercream brownie recipe.

      2. whoever used to do the baking for PJs back then had a gift. for me it was their chocolate chip cookie. loved it! big, thin and brittle. their stuff today is very run of the mill. back then (i am thinking of mid- to late-80s i guess) they had very few stores. i suppose when they grew, whoever was doing their baking was unable to keep up with demand. i would love to know who it was.

        1. I have also searched and searched for this recipe. I used to eat them every morning before school with my dad at pj's. I worked at pj's around 2004-2005 and the chocolate buttercream squares did come in a box from a supplier. If only I could remember who!! If anyone has found this recipe I would so love to have it.