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Sep 14, 2011 03:56 PM

The David Duncan House????

Has anyone been to the David Duncan House? Is the food any good?

The David Duncan House
125 Moatfield Dr, Toronto, ON M3B3L6, CA

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  1. Did you type "David Duncan House" in the search field above?

    You will find it listed in at least 4 threads.
    I haven't eaten there but assume I would hear people mentioning it more often if it was worth a visit.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      I ate at the David Duncan House about a year ago. It's edible but I wouldn't give it rave reviews.....2 1/2 to 3 out of 5. The menu seems stuck in the 90's.....and the atmosphere is a bit dark for my taste.

      The David Duncan House
      125 Moatfield Dr, Toronto, ON M3B3L6, CA

      1. re: normanwolf

        I agree with this. I went for a Ontario Home Economics Association meeting so it was a set menu but it was VERY old school... food tasted okay (well, the dessert was really blah) but it really wasn't worth the inflated prices.

    2. I actually love this place. It is dark, but I think the atmosphere is really original as it has many different seating areas. The food has always been delicious whenever I have been.

      The David Duncan House
      125 Moatfield Dr, Toronto, ON M3B3L6, CA

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      1. re: hnb000

        We had a very bad experience there a number of years ago and said we would never return and we didn't. A dish I ordered was poorly prepared (seafood was overcooked and overseasoned and people at the table agreed) I was very nice about the way I handled it but the owner said there is nothing wrong with it...that's the way we make it. We were all dumbfounded by his response. (there were about 6 people in the group) He never offered me a replacement dish. BTW I told the waiter first and he called the owner over.
        Again, as I said, I was very calm when I complained and not in any way nasty....the owner was the nasty one and acted like a pompous ass and when we all left made a rude statement so that everyone could hear. I guess he just couldn't stand that someone in HIS establishment could make a mistake.

        1. re: bobinken

          I meant to say is...I guess that he just couldn't stand to ADMIT that someone in HIS establishment had or could make a mistake.

          1. re: bobinken

            Had very similar experience. As we left the guy made a rude comment to my wife. I will admit that I had a very good experience about 3 years ago but this past summer we had a "miss". Partly our fault . It's not a great restaurant in my opinion, but it's not bad either. The way in which we were handled was irksome. They have some very long term staff there and they are good. A nice old school Caesar Salad is up there with the best. So if I am going to drop some decent money in a place, this is not one that I would readily go back to. If it was on someone else's dime, sure.

          2. re: hnb000

            I agree. It has an kind of old school gravitas that is comfortable. If keeping up the the times means that it doesn't have organic, free range zuchini and the waiters don't address you with "Hi guys!". then, yeah, it is behind the times. Not every restaurant has to appeal to 25 year olds.

            1. re: evansl

              As I mentioned in another thread the DDH is perfectly respectable as a steakhouse. I have never had a bad steak there although I wouldn't rank it in the same category as Harbour 60 or Jacob and Co..

              I wouldn't order seafood in a steakhouse so I can't comment on other food but their steak has been consistent. Also, as mentioned, Ilike the various sections although admittedly very old school.

            1. re: justpete

              I think Memphis Style Smoke House beats them hands down in the "worst" category:


            2. Thanks everyone! I think I'll give the Duncan House a pass. Too bad when a place that was once known as a great place either doesn't keep up with the times or relies on its past laurels.

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