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Where is the best brunch? Seattle? Eastside?

My husband and I moved to Seattle a few years ago and still haven't found a favorite brunch spot. What are your favorite places? We have friends coming into town and would love to take them out somewhere great. We live on the Eastside but would love suggestions anywhere in the city too.

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  1. Do try brunch at Lynn's Bistro in Kirkland. You are started out with a basket of delicious fresh baked croissants. The french onion soup is one of the best anywhere and the brunch fare is great too. It is a highly charming place and one that I wouldn't hesitate taking out of towners to.

    1. Seattle is known as an early to bed, and early to rise city. As such, brunch isn't as popular as you might think it would be, and it can be tricky finding a place you might like. I understand brunch is a gay tradition, especially on Sundays. So check out the Seattle Gay News for brunch places that have enough of a clientelle to have fresh hollandaise ready to go rather than microwaved.

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        Brunch is plenty popular here.

        I used to love Geraldine's Counter but it's gone way downhill on the last few visits.

        Local 360 is by far my favorite at the moment - my only problem there is choosing between breakfasty items or the burger, even at 10 in the morning. It's really hard for me to skip the burger there. (Often my better half & I will share a burger and an egg dish.)

        Geraldine's Counter Restaurant
        4872 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

      2. I like Portage Bay for brunch and every out-of-towner I've taken there thought it was great. There are 3 locations - South Lake Union (my personal preference), Roosevelt, and Ballard. Other places I like - Glo's (standard breakfast stuff, love the smoked salmon eggs benedict!), Cafe Flora (vegetarian - but oh man, the collards are delicious, friends from the South who are meat-eaters have raved), 611 Supreme (crepes).

        Now, gonna make a slightly offbeat suggestion - I'm sitting here at Plum Bistro on Capitol Hill and am reminded that I looooooooove their brunch. It's a vegan restaurant, SO - not the standard brunch options. However, it's freaking delicious and I've never taken an omnivore here who wasn't totally blown away by the food. Totally recommend any of the crepes or pancakes, all outstanding. Lots of small plates so you can mix and match and share.

        Portage Bay Cafe
        4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

        Cafe Flora
        2901 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

        611 Supreme
        611 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

        Plum Bistro
        1429 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

        1. I had a lovely brunch at Tilikum Place Cafe in Seattle recently. The sandwiches are made with Macrina bread and the salmon mousse and soup are great. My dining companion had a beautful mess of something called Beans on Toast. Basically toast points topped with baked beans with shredded pork, then topped with a fried egg, a few strips of bacon and a large rectangular patty of sausage. Incredible.

          And I was so jealous of the people who ordered dutch babies. Next time.

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            I had the dutch baby, very good. My wife had the day's special which was also good but I forgot to ask the price and was surprised that it was a few dollars more than mine.

          2. Eastside, for good diner food (in order of most greasy spoon dive up), we like Couzins in Kirkand, 12th Ave in Issaquah and the Issaquah Cafe. Outside a bit further, we visit the Fall City Roadhouse (although service was awful last time we were out there). And when guests come into town we like the Salish Lodge.

            Fall City Roadhouse
            4200 Preston Fall City Rd SE, Fall City, WA 98024

            1. For something different, but very delicious, try the Basque/Spanish brunch on Saturday or Sunday at Harvest Vine.

              Harvest Vine
              2701 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

              1. This is a pretty swell round up of some interesting brunch spots - I hope it is okay to post from Eater?

                Seattle-centric. I've eaten at 10 of 12, though not all for brunch. One too new, and one too stupidly expensive - $45 for brunch? Not happening.

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                  Brunch on sunday at Saltys on Alki is good

                2. Palisade has an awesome brunch. You can order an item off the brunch menu, which includes a trip to the brunch bar, or just visit the brunch bar. There's a huge assortment of items including salads, fruits, seafood, pastries, desserts and a pancake grill. Plus there's a great view of the water.

                  1. Coming in very late to this, but if you're willing to do something a little different, Monsoon East has a fabulous Asian-y brunch. I'm a fan of the nem nuong (shrimp and pork sausage), the egg dishes, and their banana bread.

                    Monsoon East
                    10245 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004

                    1. Pomegranate Bistro is my favorite eastside spot for clean fresh fare if you haven't gone before. (Rec firebreads, haven't gone wrong with other choices) - http://www.duparandcompany.com/pomegr...

                      Pomegranate Bistro
                      18005 NE 68th St, Redmond, WA 98052