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Sep 14, 2011 02:05 PM

What am I doing wrong at Piedigrotta Bakery?

In recent threads, there's been high praise for Piedigrotta Bakery. I really, really want to like this place, therefore would appreciate recommendations about what to order.

When I went, a few weeks ago, I order a piece of lasagna, a side salad and a "lobster tail" pastry; the total came to over $18. The lasagna was bland. The salad was comprised of a cup of roughly chopped iceberg lettuce and one olive ($3.50 for that!). The pastry, while the outer shell was shatteringly crisp, was filled with what tasted like the cheapest instant vanilla pudding.

What should I be ordering? Please advise.

Piedigrotta Bakery
1300 Bank Street Suite 140, Baltimore, MD 21231

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  1. The coffee and hot chocolate have been good. Owner caffeine and nicotine level are relevant to the retail experience and may have some bearing on product quality.

    1. Piedigrotta is most famous for its (disputed) tiramisu connection.

      It's been several years since I stopped by the (now-defunct) Cross Street Market location, so my memory is hazy, but if I went again, I'd start with the desserts.

      1. After a long absence, I stopped in this Sunday afternoon and bought two pastries - a sfogliatella (lobster tail) and a rum cake - as carry out. The Sfogliatella was simply AWFUL and unedible! The dough was very soggy and the filling thick and dried out. The thing must have been assembled days before being sold. I tossed it and got my wife to share the mediocre rum cake. This is sad as years ago, when they were around the corner, they were a go pastry place for me.