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Sep 14, 2011 02:05 PM

Shaping round challah

This is my first Rosh Hashanah where I've had a kitchen and time to do a lot of cooking and I am planning on making my own challot. I did a trial run that did not go so well.The challah turned out delicious and, strictly speaking it was round far from the lovely spiraled coil I was hoping for. If it makes a difference, I formed the challah mid-way through the second proofing as I always do. Any advice? I googled it and only got instructions for braided round challah, which is not the same to me as the coil evokes the continuity of life and always building on what has come before.

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    If you scroll down the page, after the recipe, she shows how to do a spiral challah, as well as a braided round one.

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      Thanks for the link, but I did that and the result was round and lumpy instead of the spiral. The rest of the dough (braided) turned out fine.

    2. This might a ridiculous question, but you used a round pan....right?

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        I've been making round challah for 40 years and never used a pan. I use the turban method.
        Some people make , in a round pan, individual balls of dough which then cook together and can be pulled apart, but not for Rosh Hashanah, at least not to my knowledge.

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          A round pan isn't used for this type of challah.

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            Was it like, during the second rise and baking, it lost all the features of the spiral when you formed it the way you want? How long do you let your 2nd rise go for?

            After I punch down my dough, I loaf it and let it do the 2nd rise in the pans.

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              this is not made in pans, but I suspect you are right in seeing too much rise after shaping.

        2. How about this?

          There's also directions for all different braids and shapes, incl. turban, here (scroll down):

            1. My favorite (once you get past the commercial): .