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Sep 14, 2011 01:37 PM

Sister's Bachelorette in June 2012 - Help Needed

HI All! I'm writing from Stockholm and trying to organise a bachelorette party for my younger sister in New Orleans for the weekend of June 21-24 next year. The girls are mostly 27-30 and some with more limited budgets. We'll be staying in the French Quarter and I'd love some recommendations that would be fun places with good food and possibly entertainment...that wouldn't mind a group of 10 girls that enjoy cocktails....and of course, to make it more difficult, reasonably priced....
thanks chowhounds!! much appreciated!!

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        1. the Frenchmen street area is full of restarants,bars,music clubs, coffeshops,etc. The french quarter is a 12 block by 6 block area also filled to the brim with restaurants, bars , music clubs, coffeeshops, store. etc. Bourbon Street has fun for all ages. The music clubs mostly have no cover charge(just sometimes a drink minimum.) for some info go to,,, offbeat,com, For foodie advice i like, and orleans. also, head on over to orleans forums, they are real friendly over there.

          1. look no further...Brazilian B.B.Q.!