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Sep 14, 2011 01:23 PM

Quiet place for hearing impaired guest

Hi everyone, I'm new to this and searched for this topic but didn't find an answer.

I have an aunt coming to visit and I would like to take her somewhere along the Harborwalk but she has trouble hearing in noisy places. Any suggestions for a restaurant with a great view that is also quiet? I know, it's asking a lot. :-)

Thank you,


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  1. Pasta Beach (attached to Boston Harbor Hotel) tends to be fairly quiet. Pretty good pizzas. I'm not really a fan of the pasta. The service is very European, so be prepared to wait.

    1. Anthony's Pier 4 fits the requirements. It is an odd place, though, do a search on this site.

      Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant
      140 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

      1. liz, while i would never send anyone to Anthony's, the new Legal Harborside has an outdoor deck where voices would not be bouncing off walls and ceilings. It was positively reviewed in the Globe today. And Aura seems a well cushioned/carpeted place. Also, wherever you go, i think the earlier the dinner hour, the fewer guests....

        1. Maybe the ICA cafe in the middle of the afternoon? At peak lunch hour it may be crowded and noisy, but if you go later, closer to 2 p.m. or so, it should be pretty empty and quiet. Great harbor view.

          1. liz, wherever you do end up, plse report back and tell us how it went so we can help others!