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Sep 14, 2011 01:13 PM

Thai Siam Take-Out in Nelson Co., VA

Does anyone know why Thai Siam is closed? Is Mrs. May ill, on vacation, or is the place closing down?

Thai Siam
4137 Tye Brook Hwy, Coleen, VA 22922

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  1. I think they re-opened. We at there last week and posted some information that might be useful.

    1. Hi ldspies,
      Unfortunately the owner's mother passed away so she returned to Thailand for a bit, but she is now back in the states and the restaurant is open for business!

      We now have a new website check it out -

      Wendi Mays (Owner's daughter-in-law)

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        Thank you, wendimays and alphageek. I have been back several times since Thai Siam re-opened, and read your review prominently posted on the bulletin board, alphageek. Such a treasure of a place! I feel fortunate to live within 40 minutes of it! I will check out the website!

        Thai Siam
        4137 Tye Brook Hwy, Coleen, VA 22922