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Sep 14, 2011 01:00 PM

Upcoming Brunch Help

I have a brunch planned for the last Friday of this month for six adults and a toddler. I'd like to make corned beef hash but the thought of poaching 12 eggs to come out all at the same time is daunting.

I've looked without success here and on Food TV for a hint about how I might finish the hash in the oven, with the eggs baked on top. Any thoughts?

P.S. I'm not crazy about most breakfast casseroles -- usually too bready and dry for me -- but if you have a recipe that has been a big success I'll be happy to try that out instead of the hash. The Little Prince gets fruit, scrambled eggs and a gingerbread muffin so the casserole could be a grownup type of dish.

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  1. You can hold poached eggs in warm/hot water for a while - are you willing to do them in several batches?

    1. You can certainly make a bed of the hash and then make depressions in it and bake one egg per depression. Make sure your hash has a bit of cooking to do yet, or it'll overcrisp. Eggs to med. at 350 should take roughly 20 minutes. cover the casserole; uncover for last five.
      You can also pre-poach eggs and then bring them back to temp at service.

      1. Came here to say what biondanonima just said; poached eggs will hold pretty well for a good long while. Set them on plates lined with paper towels, the just give them a little warm-up right before serving.

        1. I'd do some searching for Eggs Cocotte.

          Essentially eggs baked in a ramekin, sometimes with cream, usually some herbs, etc. You could easily do a base of hash and bake the eggs on top or just do the cocotte and serve the hash on the side.

          I've never tried to butter the ramekin and turn the eggs out over the hash but you could experiment with that ahead of time too. If you practice cooking them once or twice it isn't hard to get the timing down so that they come out with nice runny centers (if you like that).

          It is an easy way to do eggs for a crowd without the poaching pressure.

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            Poached eggs will hold quite a while, even overnight, in a bowl or pitcher of really cold water in the fridge. When you want to use them just slide them back into hot water for a minute (really, not long). I've done this with considerable success, but I do advise you to make too many, since some that poach a little 'crooked' will sometimes break the yolks what with all that handling. And you might want to have an extra egg or two to test after 30 seconds/40 seconds/in the re-warming water to see if they're hot enough...the timing is a close want them hot but not starting to cook again. That being said, eggs en cocette are absolutely delicious, and I don't see why you couldn't do them in a muffin tin and then scoop them onto your hash...

            1. re: tonifi

              I think we have a winnah!!! I never thought about muffin tins. I could do 12-18 eggs all at once. I see that eggs en cocette are usually cooked in a water bath so I'll experiment with that first.

              In general my poached eggs only have about a 50% survival rate so I'll go with the muffin tin idea now. I'll practice my poaching skills so that I can take advantage of the other ideas at a later date.

              Thanks to everyone who responded.