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Sep 14, 2011 11:44 AM

Chicken.org (Phila. PA)

Yesterday I stopped by Chicken.org for some take out for dinner. MMMMMM had a GREAT meal.

I over ordered and got the following : 2 whole chickens (one fried - in pieces) and one honey sesame
4 large sides (2 rice, one Israeli slad, one mixed veggies) and 6 chicken meatballs.

The food: both chickens were excellent. I really like fried chicken anyway and this certainly did not disapoint. OK my fav fried chicken of all times is still found at Kosher Bite in Baltimore, but this is really good too and I will get it again.

The honey sesame chicken was moist and tastey and made fresh for me when I went in somepoint after 4pm yestersay ( a Tuesday) I was asked if it was ok to wait about 7-9 minutes for the chicken, I agreed it was and it was well worth the wait. Even fussy teen , who claims not to like chicken so much (news to me) liked it :)

The rice was very good and not dried out. I love rice as a side and I was very pleased as was my hubby. The teen declined the rice last night.

The Israeli sald tasted so fresh that it was lile i had made it moments before putting it on my table. In reality it was made before I arrived and had to then ride 2 buses and a train before I was picked up to go home. yeah it was quite a commute for the poor salad.

The mixed veggies were so good - zuchini, onions, yellow squash and red peper in a wonderful seasoning. We all loved it and I wish I had gotten more:)

The lovley man behond the counter gave me a chicken meatball as I waited. I tried it , loved it and ordered 6 more to go:) They were a huge hit at home and tasted even better after a moment in the microwave. i plan to got more to serve with pasta, perhaps one day next week. the storer offers a chicken meat ball sandwhich which I plan on trying soon.

The place is small and not nearly as well decorated as Burger.org, but still in the green and orange. it has the feel of a take out type place more than a place to sit down, though it does have a few tables and an eatting bar.

I wish them well as the food was soooooo good, though the teen said that had I brought home burgers from b,o that would have been even better. Go figure.

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  1. Totally agree, Prettypoodle. I recently had the schnitzel sandwich - just absolutely delicious. The wings are awesome and I also found the mixed veggies to be really good. Sometimes prepared mixed veggies taste soggy and bland, but these could have easily passed for a homemade side. I never had the chicken meatballs but now I want to try them!

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      I had wanted to go to the city tommotow (really wanted to go to the game) and get a chicken meatball sandwhich. I now sadly must wait until next week. I am bummed.
      FYI the ledf overs were fevoured tonight and were just as good as last night:)

    2. It closed. Don't know if they are serving the menu at burger.org or not.

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        Oh no!!! Already??? Please tell me that this is just for yomtov.....

        1. re: SoCal Mother

          I heard that they are consolidating everything at Burger.org.

          1. re: avitrek

            I hope so as I really did LOVE the chicken though not the location and interior. I was hoping to maybe check it out tommorow, but my plans have changed and I am now not sure. I hope i can as take out is in order for tommorow night - I will be in no shape to cook after my day.

          2. re: SoCal Mother

            No the fixtures have been removed. I hope avitrek is right.

            1. re: barryg

              They did consolidate everything at burger.org. I just ate their last week. The menu options from both stores are at the burger.org location. Makes sense to me, since they were right near each other anyway and the burger.org space is much nicer.

              1. re: Hirscheys

                HI all. I'm in PHilly, this place never mentioned on the regular Philly Board, sounds
                great. So, first question is where is it? Next question, not for an argument, but
                just for me to check out with my daughter, under whose supervision is it? I am
                always looking for new places to get take out, either to serve here, or bring to my daughters.

                1. re: Bashful3

                  326 South Street, Community Kashrus.

              2. re: barryg

                I heard they never got the proper takeout permits, and were cited a couple days before they closed.