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Sep 14, 2011 11:08 AM

Best Dallas BYOB

I am looking for the best restaurants in Dallas that allow BYOB. I am fully aware of the bizarre Texas liquor laws (no alcohol allowed to be brought in if the restaurant has a license to sell spirits). We want to bring some really good bottles so corkage fee is no big deal. For this meal, only Dallas will work--not Denton, Ft Worth, etc. Also, the more upscale the better. I know there are plenty of Asian spots that do not have a liquor license but those are not what I am after. Thanks as always.

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  1. W.Puck's 560 has always cooperated with me. I call first to avoid any misunderstandings, and while communicating with them is annoying, just don't give up and you eventually get results. Took a CA winemaker there and we had a woinderful time and the food was impressive. Also, Shensei (sp??) on Inwood has cooperated with BYOB, and they were good with the wine service, changing out glasses, etc.. God luck, sounds like fun.

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      Thanks. Through research I have learned that Rise No. 1 allows BYOB--$40 per bottle corkage.

      1. I haven't personally made it here yet, but you might research Urbano. I know it is BYOB and I have heard great things about it.

        Also, if you are dining out on a Saturday, you might check out these pop up dinners. Chef Nicole Van Camp. You can connect on Facebook to get details. They are all BYOB and the past menus look great. There was a recent write up in a local food blog.

        Have fun!

        Edit: can you post back and let us know if you find any gems. I haven't found much besides neighborhood Greek or Italian.

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          +1 for Urbano. Also, Farnatchi in Knox Village and Nonna Tata in Ft. Worth. And also, most Asian restaurants.
          One of my favorite Italian BYOB's is Cafe Amore. Either, Coit Road in Richardson or their Plano location.

          Cafe Amore
          600 N Coit Rd Ste 2050, Richardson, TX 75080

          Nonna Tata
          1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104