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Apples followed by lobster-in-the-rough, N. Shore to Portsmouth

rosiebcook Sep 14, 2011 10:50 AM

Meeting family midway between Swampscott and Kennebunk for a day of apple picking, then a quintessential lobster joint for early dinner. Moore Lobster Co. in Rockport looks good for dinner; where to pick apples in the vicinity? Other, better, options?

Thanks so much.

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  1. MABMAQ RE: rosiebcook Sep 14, 2011 10:55 AM

    Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury for the picking and either Browns or Markeys Lobster Pound in Seabrook for dinner.

    Cider Hill Farm
    45 Fern Ave, Amesbury, MA

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      justbeingpolite RE: MABMAQ Sep 14, 2011 12:40 PM

      Don't know N.S. apples, but I had a good in-the-rough meal at the Lobster Pool by Folly Cove in Rockport the other weekend, and you won't get a better view. After Labor Day the crowds thin down, and I think they do a better job on the lobsters, too.

      Lobster Pool
      329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

      1. re: MABMAQ
        stomachofsteel RE: MABMAQ Sep 14, 2011 12:42 PM

        +1 for Cider Hill -- nice property, great cider and cider doughnuts, great selection of apple varieties, and not too far off 95. Russell Orchards also fits the bill and is closer to Rockport if you go to Moore Lobster, but I prefer the doughnuts at Cider Hill (and I'm really in it for the doughnuts).

        Sounds like a great day!

        Russell Orchards
        143 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938

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        HDinCentralME RE: rosiebcook Sep 14, 2011 12:43 PM

        You may want to also post on the North NE board that covers NH/ME.

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          idreamoffood RE: rosiebcook Sep 22, 2011 01:24 PM

          For lobster dinner go to Chauncy Creek in Kittery Point, Maine (just over the boarder from NH). You sit on the water, an inlet, and eat at picnic tables. You bring your own sides, alcohol and dessert and they supply all the lobster, clams, mussles, etc. you could want. It is a relaxing atmosphere and the lobsters are always cooked well. They have tent sides there too if it gets cold.

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            treb RE: rosiebcook Sep 22, 2011 02:37 PM

            Ingaldsby Farm in Boxford or Russell Orchards in Ipswich then a quick pit stop at The Clam Box for a Scooby snack then off to The Lobster Pool in Rockport, it just has an awesome view.

            Lobster Pool
            329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

            Russell Orchards
            143 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938

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              BlueMagic RE: treb Sep 22, 2011 03:04 PM

              Treb..that sounds like my kind of trip. I like both Ingaldsby and Russell Orchards..but give the slight edge on both apple picking and cider donuts to Ingaldsby.

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