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Suggestions for a fun dinner with senior US executives?

Can anyone help suggest a place for 10-12 for a business dinner? Not surprisingly, the US execs like steak and seafood but I don't want a stuffy steak house. Something a little bit interesting with excellent food and ambience. Any suggestions???!!!

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  1. Have they been to Toronto before? Canoe is always a good bet for first time visitors, on account of the view.

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      Thanks for the suggestion - it is a very good one. They come to Toronto a few times a year and they have been there before.

    2. Jacob's & Co is a modern, non-stuffy, relaxed-atmosphere-type Steak house - might be a good fit.

      1. nota bene has a dry age section, splendido has a 65 day dry age steak.

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          I would recommend Splendido as well

          88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

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            And I find it feels more casual now while they still offer great service.

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              Splendido! Maybe the room downstairs if you want more privacy?

              88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

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                  I don't think you can take a business outing to a resto that doesn't take reservation. That could truly be a terrible evening.

          2. Thanks to all for the great suggestions! Does anyone have experience with the "wine cellar" private room at Enoteca Sociale? What do you think?

            Enoteca Sociale
            1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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              It's a nice room and you get a view of the cheese room. However didn't think the bench was that comfortable for a long dinner.