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Sep 14, 2011 08:52 AM

5 Quarts of Shrimp Stock - How to Use?


After having made shrimp and grits a couple of months ago for guests, I still have about 5 quarts of very intense shrimp stock in my freezer.

I want to do something with it this weekend. I was thinking something like an Asian-style soup with greens, tofu and shrimp. Or, I could do something spicy and non-Asian, and final product does not necessarily need to include shrimp.

Any ideas? I'm pretty open, the only rule that I don't want any leftover stock at the end of cooking. I should also probably point out that I'm in Los Angeles, so don't necessarily have access to great shellfish.

Thanks for helping me brainstorm.

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  1. That would work very well in Bisque..shrimp, salmon, lobster..and frozen shrimp, or lobster would work just as well.

    1. a shrimp risotto would use that up in no time flat and taste very yummy.

      1. I was thinking paella, which doesn't necessarily need to have a lot of shellfish in it.

        1. Shrimp and chicken gumbo
          Noodles with ground pork and shrimp sauce (Pancit palabok)
          Shrimp and ginger congee with fried tofu
          Coconut shrimp broth with red curry

          1. There is a recipe on the Saveur website for Shrimp Bisque using shells....