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Sep 14, 2011 08:47 AM

Tru Burger

Company Burger was closed tuesday, so i hit Tru Burger last nite. wasnt bad. didnt blow my mind, but if i were nearby it's an option.

*Food* -- bun and burger were pretty tasty, very juicy. the avocado extra was both unripe and brown, and my sauteed mushrooms extra was missing. no problem w/ the bacon. no beer, but the peanutbutter-chocolate milkshake from Smith Creamery was awesome!

*Service* -- strictly counter service, no different than a Taco Bell, where you order and then they call your number to pick up. had i realized, i probably would not have tipped up front.

*Atmosphere* -- pretty awful -- 1980s-workout-clothes color palette of yellow and...gray? this place really deserves to be funky, especially w/ its hip location on Oak. they can do better.

...was $14 (including tax & tip) for the cheeseburger w/ 3 toppings and a milkshake. thats about on par w/ Port of Call, subbing a baked potato for the milkshake, tho POC is more volume and a completely different vibe.

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  1. Yeah, they can definitely do something about the decor. It seemed dirty to be so new. I don't think it was dirty, but the colors made it appear that way. I thought the food was good though. Not as good a burger as POC, but good fries. Overall I thought the burger was a little better than Company Burger.

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      I need to disagree - TCB was heads and shoulders better, to my palate