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Sep 14, 2011 08:03 AM

Edmonton Dim Sum - Emperor's Palace - opinions?

Going to a group lunch at this place on Sunday for Dim Sum - just wondering if anyone has been and if it's any good. My preference has always been Golden Rice Bowl - so just wondering how this compares food wise. It would be nice to find a place with food quality that matches Golden Rice without the high prices.

Has anyone else had the feeling that food prices for Dim Sum have been on the rise other places as well and quality and service are lacking? We've had bad experiences in the past year at Good Buddy at Northgate (it was so awful we will never go back!) and Dynasty and Beijing Beijing on the southside (not service related specifically but they weren't doing much on the carts last time we were there on a weekday so we had to order and they got our order wrong and then half the stuff we ordered to replace it didn't come before we were done). We haven't found a lot of savings in going places other than Golden Rice so we've been sticking there lately. They are getting a little better with helping you get items you are looking for. Actually on Sunday we were stuck in a corner of the restaurant and we were feeling pretty special by the way the ladies were looking after us, making sure they stopped and offered us everything they had and getting items from other carts for us - they got gold stars for us that trip!

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  1. I was actually there last Saturday for the very first time. Prices are slightly cheaper or equal to GRB, but you will still get better food at GRB.

    Food tasted fine, but there was very limited selection. Admittedly it was 1 p.m. but the restaurant was still packed and there were still some line ups at the door so I think either it was poor planning on the kitchen and management's part, or they just don't have much selection available period. When you have full carts of the exact same dishes pass you 5 times in a row with no other food coming by and at some points no food on the floor whatsoever, you know there is a problem somewhere.

    1. Is it worth the experience then or should I cancel? I hate going somewhere for the first time and it's not up to par (when you could have avoided it). This is a group lunch for Edmonton Foodies from and will be the first time I attend. Not sure if I should go and not enjoy the experience or just suck it up and go anyway.

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      1. re: nsstampqueen

        It's not bad food. There was just very limited selection when I was there.

        1. re: anonymoose

          I'm sorry, but you can't go to dimsum at 1pm amd expect there to be a lot on the carts. Most people go before noon to get a decent selection.

          It's comparable to GRB in quality but way better prices. If you're in the north end, it's definitely worthwhile going.

          1. re: caffeinated

            I did say admittedly, didn't I? I normally wouldn't expect it at 1 p.m. but when the restaurant is completely full and there are still people waiting for tables you have to wonder what is going on with the food.

      2. I find that the same thing happens at GRB once it gets past a certain time - no matter how busy they are you will see the same items on the carts, way past their ideal serving temperature even, and they just don't seem to bring anything different out. We usually go on Saturday or Sunday and you know how busy they are on weekends - can be very disappointing if you go after 1:00 p.m. (so much so that we now go at 11:00 a.m. or we go elsewhere as the wait is just too long and you miss all the items you are really looking for).

        1. My experience was pretty similar to anonymoose's. The two Saturdays that I've been there it was relatively early - around 11am, and the selection was very limited as well. The same few carts with the same items kept passing by and at times there were no carts on the floor. It was busy with a line at the front. The food was often just lukewarm or cold and stale.

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          1. re: J.J

            Unfortunately, that's the downside of carted dim sum restaurants. It's too bad that GRB is one of the few decent dim sum places in Edmonton. Have you tried Urban China? They are supposed to have good dim sum as well.

            1. re: caffeinated

              Urban China is ok. They have a bit more variety but not enough quantity comes out so sometimes you miss out as the cart comes around. Prices are on the high side. Restaurant is always very crowded. (or maybe seems even more so because of the teeny parking lot)

              Food is still better at GRB.

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                Have not been to Emperor's Palace in a while but the times I ve been there,irrespective of the time, there were no carts, you had to write downyour order. Has it changed?

                1. re: felix the hound

                  I was there yesterday and I was told that they have carts on the weekend only. In any case, the dim sum is competent, but overall I still prefer GRB and CfTP