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Sep 14, 2011 06:04 AM

Belgian in Montreal???.....staying at Omni Montreal

we are on our way to Montreal by way of Vermont - so will have a car.....

I seek out good Belgian food with a strong beer list.

So Montreal ! What say you??

Can I find solid Belgian fare in Montreal?


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  1. The short answer is no.

    The long answer is yes there are a few Belgian restaurants in Montreal, but they are not anything special. Frite Alors has Belgian-like fries and a few dishes like carbonnades and tartare (filet américain). Le Petit Moulinsart is more of a real restaurant, but I've not been very impressed with the food there. There is one place on the South-shore called Bistro des Bières Belges, but I know next to nothing about it.

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      Oops! I had forgotten that the carbonnades are no longer on the menu at Frite Alors. They do however have mitraillette if you feel like going all out Belgian-style. Alas they don't have any fricadelles or poulycrocs.

    2. Le Bistro des Bieres belges is actually the place to go to if you want to try out Belgian beers and food in Montreal. Mussels and fries are their specialty but don't expect a cheap meal seeing as one beer can cost anywhere between 7 and 12$ but the price tag is worth it. The restaurant is actually a 150 yr old house which makes the venue itself very quaint and cozy. I personally enjoy it very much and go there every now and then even though it's a 45 minutes drive for me to go there.

      By way of Vermont you can even get there quite easily by the 132 on your way up :) as listed above

      1. Not in Montreal per se, about 40 min drive to Vaudreuil, just off the western end of the island, is a Belgian BYOB bistro:

        le Charleville
        197 avenue St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec
        evening only – no lunch

        I have not been, but you might want to check out their web site and/or call. I assume you could bring your own Belgian beers purchased at our SAQ outlets or brought up from Vermont.

        1. Thanks!

          Question: what is an SAQ outlet?

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            It is the liquor monopoly in quebec... the only place legally allowed to sell hard alcohol, and most wines.

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                There used to be a popular Belgian resto L`Actuel on Peel serving Belgian specialities but now defunct, I dont think there is interest in Belgian cooking in Montreal nowadays. If you like mussels La Moulerie on Bernard in Outremont might be of interest, they have flemish style mussels and from Sun-Wed special mussels as much as you can eat for $22

          2. Bières et Compagnie in the Plateau has a wide selection of beer, including many belgian option. For is not specifically belgian, but has a choices of mussels, sausages, and other options.

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              Thanks sweettooth - place looks like it has a great I need to find it!

              1. re: few

                It's central enough, on St-denis street, 5 minutes walk from Mont-Royal Metro station.

                1. re: sweettoothMTL

                  Whenever we are in Montreal (we grew up there) we go to Chez Alexandre on Peel for Moules Frites. While it's a French Bistro they do an admirable job of the Belgian specialty.