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Did you know that Benihana has "Endless Sushi" for $29.00?

Actually went last night with a friend to the Torrance, California Location. Sat at the Sushi Bar. You are allowed to order 10 pieces of Nigiri Sushi and 3 Rolls at a time, once you finish that you are allowed to order more.. The Endless Sushi Sheet is set up for 3 rounds ( note: the Rolls are large size and good for two people ) I was actually suprised by the freshness and quality of the fish. For $29.00 its a very good deal, service was very attentive and fast. I kind of over ate a bit But would surley go back. Great deal in my eyes. I would have expected to pay twice the amount ( if it wasnt for the deal.. ) I would say that 75% of the Nigiri are available for this offer and about 90% of the Rolls are availabe based on looking at the regular menu vs the Endless Sushi Sheet that they give you ( you use the sheet to fill out your request ) I logged onto the Benihana website, used the location function with my zip code. A list of locations came up, when you link to the specific location that you want it shows all the specials for that location ( and if the Endless Sushi link is there for location you are seeking you are good to go ) Not all locations offer the special from what I understand.

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  1. Truthfully?

    Most of us don't want to know.

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        "Endless Sarcasm?"

        My apologies, I just couldn't resist.


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          Why would you post this? Stop assuming what we want to know and keep to yourself. Thanks for the tip, foodandwine!

        2. Thanks for the tip foodandwine! Just wondering, did they offer uni on the Endless Sushi list? And if they did, how was it?

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            Actually they did not offer uni. I like that with quail egg as well. I see one drawback is that you dont have much interaction with the sushi chef to order something special thats now on the menu. Its off the menu only ( for what I seem to know ) next time I will see if they will make something different.. Scallops are not on the endless as well.. But heck I was hungry had really fresh fish ( perhaps not Chowhound worthy if you want to compare it to the best 10 that Los Angeles has to offer ) But in this economy, wanting a fresh sushi dinner that way over delivers at the price point. I would say go for it.. Enjoy!!

          2. And, it's only Monday through Thursday for dinner in the Sushi Lounge at the Torrance location.

            1. Isn't that the fourth sign of the Apocalypse?

              1. When it comes to raw fish, I'd rather spend more and go with my "tried and true"s, thank you very much.

                Due to the L.A. fish market's schedule: Monday sushi usually = unscrupulous restaurant owners who are trying to pawn off what little seafood is left over in the back of their freezers at discount prices in order to cut their losses. Buyer beware, your mileage may vary.

                1. Ironic about sushi at Benihana -- I remember the magazine ads for Benihana in the early 70s.
                  They were trying to appeal to the average American customer. The ads proclaimed

                  "Raw Fish? It's not even on the menu!"

                  Times have changed, for sure.

                  1. Santa Monica is redone,has Endless Sushi, a killer happy hour if Endless is not your thing. I understand that this may not be for all the Hounds, however, some of us are interested :)


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                      Do you have to sit in the mezzanine area or can you sit on one the teppan tables? Half my family doesn't eat sushi so it would be a decent compromise if I could sit with them while they eat chicken and steak.

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                        From my understanding, its at the Sushi Bar Only ( Table seating is OK in that area too, but I dont think its available at the Teppan area according to the website and promotion information ) during Dinner Hours..

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                        Hey, I'm interested (esp since I took a new job last year that pays about 60% of what I was making b/f). Sometimes you want quality above all us.... And sometimes you just need a large amount of respectable-quality food. ;)

                        Thanks for the heads up.

                      3. Hey thanks for the tip! Please let's thank and encourage people posting good deals/tips so they don't get scared off from doing so. If you're not interested in the tip, just keep it to yourself!

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                          This one's all yours -- stuff yourself silly.

                        2. Last thing I want is endless sushi that has terribly seasoned rice and inadequate seafood made by corporate America.

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                            So you've been there and tried it?

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                              Yes, unfortunately I was forced to go for some "team building" activity. It was terrible.

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                                So you took one for the team (building).

                                1. re: A5 KOBE

                                  Hey it beats those team building events where you have to do relay races and put on skits.