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Good food spot needed near Bass Pro Shops (Rutherford and 400)

Going there this weekend with a friend and our two kids. I don't know the area at all. Are there any good places to grab a quick bite like a hot veal sandwich or something cheap and cheerful?


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  1. Not overly familiar with that area, but Bass Pro Shops is inside the Vaughan Mills mall.
    Maybe do a search with "Vaughan Mills" and see what comes up.

      1. I haven’t been but there was a hearty recommendation for Kabob Express nearby.

        Thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/801504
        Website: http://www.kabobexpress.ca/

        It piqued my curiosity and has since been added to my list.

        1. Grazie.


          2373 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2C8, CA

          1. Thanks for the replies. Actually, Kabob Express sounds good. I remember that review, thanks magic.

            Might be good for pickup to take home.

            Kabob Express
            Concord, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y5, CA

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              Lol, I was actually going to mention Kabob Express. Meets, and exceeds, Bamiyan in certain dishes.

              Cheap, plentiful and good.

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                I've got my in-laws in town, and they love Bamiyan. I've only been once, and the chaplee was new to me, and it was great. Looking forward to trying this place.

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                  Good stuff. The Chaplee kabob was the most authentic outside of Peshawar, Pakistan I've had.

                  You can also order kabobs/skewers individually, which I recommend as a top-up. It works out cheaper,. and gives everybody a sample.
                  I remember their whole wheat naan being very good as well.

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                Right on, if you go let us know! :)

              3. There is a Veal Sandwich place at Weston and 7 - Panini. Usually go here whenever I'm in the area.


                I think 5 guys burgers is also in the same plaza.


                BBQ - Southern Rub on 7 and Pine Valley


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                  Check out Ricci's at Weston and Langstaff. Great pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads. Fast and very kid-friendly.


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                    Oh yeah, Panini. I saw it come up in a few of the "best veal" threads.

                    So my plan is...go get a veal there for lunch, and pick up some Kabob Express for dinner.

                    Kabob Express
                    Concord, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y5, CA

                  2. Not exactly a veal sandwich but I love the Yang's Teppanyaki and Peaktop in the nearby plaza behind Vaughan Mills mall.

                    1. Better late than never....so I went on Sunday and picked up some takeout for dinner from Kabob Express.

                      In a nutshell, I liked it. We had some friends over who never had Afgan food and they loved it. But compared to Bamiyan, I don't think it tasted as good, or at least just as good. The only edge for Kabob Express is the naan, which has much better texture (softer) and is tastier. The meats, I think flavour edge goes to Bamiyan (but that's subjective).

                      BTW, we had regular kebabs, chaplee and tandoori chicken. All with rice and salad.

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                        Thanks for the report! Good to know.

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                          Went to a wedding reception at LeJardin, a few years ago. Food was wonderful. They host buffets throughout the year but I'm not sure if the quality would be the same. Definitely worth giving them a shot!