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Sep 14, 2011 02:40 AM

Carrowinds (or nearby) food

I cringe at having to eat there, but I'm stopping in on the way home to ride coasters for a few hours. I might can wait to eat outside the park on the way home (south on 77) Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't eat at Carowinds, yuck! Next to Carowinds entrance is a mall called Plaza Fiesta. Our local newspaper just did a write up about how great the food court is in there. Here is the write up:

    Latin America - Plaza Fiesta

    At the I-77 Carowinds exit, an outlet mall has experienced a remarkable transformation. Inside Plaza Fiesta a veritable Latin American city has taken shape – including a round-the-world food court with Greek, Chinese, Colombian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Mexican offerings. I love getting the Café Fiesta’s Colombian salpicón – punch crammed with chunks of fruit – and settling at an umbrella-topped table for some serious people-watching.

    3700 Avenue of the Carolinas, Fort Mill, S.C.;; 803-548-5888.

    Another option is to take a right out of the Carowinds main gate onto Carowinds Blvd. Follow it all the way down to Hwy 49 (maybe 2 mi.). Take a left onto Hwy 49/Tryon St. Immediately on your right will be a small shopping plaza. In there is Taste of Havana, a family-owned Cuban restaurant. They have good empanadas, media noche & cuban sandwiches, etc.

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      Thanks Lynn - I'll keep your suggestions in mind for future roller coaster extravaganzas! I was there on the 18th and after looking around could not bring myself to eat there - I just survived on a huge coke. HOWEVER, as luck would have it, I got a call from friends to join them at Sun Ming in Irmo, SC where the chef was preparing ginger scallion crab with their fresh crabs they were bringing from the beach. Wow, what a great day; minimal to no lines at Carrowinds and a knock-out dinner!

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        Sorry I was too late, but wow, sounds like you scored big. Good for you! Don't you just love those impromptu meals that end up rounding out a great day? :-)