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Sep 14, 2011 01:00 AM

Sunnyside Pizza-EXCELLENT!!

I know there has been quite a few good reports on this place scattered amongst the posts.

Even with the positive reports I was unsure - too many disappointments in Sunnyside.

Now,I've been there about a dozen times - my review is a bit paltry limited only to experiences with slices bit the experience has really been stellar.

The pizza has a lovely sesame seed crust - super light but not as skinny as Pintaile's in Manhattan which I love. They're always making specials [slices no more than $3.50] and it seems to me everything is blazingly fresh and their veg pizzas are great.

Another thing that suggests to me that they take their business serious - I made an off hand remark to one of the guys that I thought they were a great addition to the neighborhood with their spectacular pizza and he was so proud and i observed he went to the back of the little place to tell the toilers there of the compliment.

He told me as well they are always making 'specials" depending on what's available and I've had a few which were really exceptional [$3.50] and nearly a meal.

Sunnyside Pizza
40-01 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

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  1. Had their delivered pizza last night for the first time. I've eaten their slices though.

    Rant :

    They, like every other pizza joint in the neighborhood, has reduced the amount of cheese on their pizzas considerably. I've noticed this trend over the last year and a half. The only protein you get on a pizza, without ordering toppings is the cheese - and it's probably the most expensive thing on a pie. Therefore, they've been cutting back.

    I used to order from Lentini's on 43rd ave, Mediterraneo on Qns Blvd, and La Bella, which used to be on the Blvd but now is on roosevelt. They've all done the same. La Bella used to be pretty generous, now they are just like the rest.

    Still looking for a new pizza joint that doesn't obligate you to order extra cheese($2 topping) because they barely put any on to begin with. Haven't found any pizza place that makes me want to order.

    Want to try the place on skillman and 52nd? Some italian restaurant on the corner with outdoor seating during the summer, around the corner from a laundromat. Anybody know about them?

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    1. re: JakesSunnyside

      For the record, I absolutely love Sunnyside Pizza and have not noticed any shortage of cheese.

      I think the place you're trying to think of is Donato's. I've heard very mixed reviews about their pizza, but I've never actually tried it.

      1. re: JakesSunnyside

        Jakes, I think the place you're referring to (corner of 39th Ave. and 51st, though, not Skillman/52nd) is Donato's, which is our go-to place for pizza in Sunnyside. They have a full Italian menu in addition to pizza and outdoor seating in the summer.

        We live closer to Lentini's and used to order from there as well, but we prefer Donato's. I'm a cheese addict so we always order extra cheese, but I would give their regular cheese a try and see what you think. I will say that I have been disappointed with their vegetable toppings - they're pretty skimpy - but we generally order pepperoni and they use enough to suit me there.

        We also used to order from Woodside Pizza, which I thought was pretty good, but I haven't had pizza from there in years so I don't know if it has fallen off. I'll have to give Sunnyside Pizza a try.

        1. re: biondanonima

          Quick update to my earlier endorsement - Donato's has fallen from grace at our house. The last couple of pizzas we've ordered have been somewhat subpar, so we decided to try Sunnyside Pizza a couple of nights ago. Unfortunately they were closed at 9pm (despite the stated hours on their website), so we ordered Donato's. Ugh. Tough crust, almost no cheese, the whole pizza rubbery and lukewarm. Three strikes and they're out - I just hope Sunnyside Pizza is open the next time we try to order.

          1. re: biondanonima

            Score! We stopped into Sunnyside Pizza tonight around 7pm and found out that though they're open till 10, their last delivery is at 9pm. Anyway, the slices in the case looked a bit dried out so we went home and ordered a whole one instead. Prices a bit higher than most places in the neighborhood, especially for extra toppings ($14 for a cheese pie, $17 for a pepperoni, $4 for extra toppings). We went ahead anyway though and were glad we did!

            REALLY good stuff. We ordered pepperoni with extra cheese and it was absolutely SWIMMING in cheese - I mean, I am a whore for cheese and I almost though it was too much. Sauce very fresh and bright, with a nice juicy texture (unlike the overcooked, almost pasty sauces at places like Papa Johns) and no sweetness other than the natural tomato flavor. Greasy, but I love greasy pizza, and what do you expect from a pizza with 4 lbs of cheese on it?

            This will be our regular neighborhood spot from now on, although the cheapskate in me is curious to try the new $.99 Fresh Pizza on 49th...

            1. re: biondanonima

              We succumbed to Sunnyside Pizza again this weekend and decided to try their garlic bread pie. The crust is a little thicker than the regular pizza, topped with garlic oil, then they pile cheese and toppings on that, with blobs of sauce on top. It is a crazy, greasy garlic bomb of epic proportions. We ordered it with sausage and ate almost the whole thing - so addictively good. No need for extra cheese. I can still taste the garlic!

      2. The pizza in Sunnyside/Woodside has been so bad for so long, I think the residents have forgotten what good pizza tastes like. That's the only way I can account for these positive reviews. I actually hate to say anything bad about the place, because as other posters have noted, the owner is extremely nice, but the pizza is terrible. I was there recently, after a long hiatus, because of the raves I continually see online. I ordered a barbecued chicken slice and a plain. The tomato sauce was bad, the crust and cheese were barely average, and the sauce on the chicken was overly sweet. The one nice slice I've had here was the spinach and ricotta, back when the shop first opened, but I soon learned that this was not a regular offering in terms of the premade slices, so I stopped going.

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        1. re: lvecch

          The only great Pizza that I've had in Queens is Nick's Pizzeria in Forest Hills. I'm surprised they never expanded into other communities like Sunnyside/Woodside. They would be an instant success.

          1. re: JH3525

            I feel fortunate to live in Astoria, where there are a few quite good pizza places. For a regular NY slice, I love Politos. Napoli is good in a pinch, too. For more Napolitan style/brick oven style (that can rival Nick's, IMO) is Basil Brick Oven.

            1. re: queenseats

              Sorry, but I'd like to be one other voice to praise Sunnyside Pizza. While they are not Nick's or any great sit down pizza restaurant, they are the best regular slice place in this part of Queens, including Astoria (though I haven't tried Politos). While I have never had the bbqed chicken slice (yuck, bbq sauce is sweet, btw), they have a very good sicilian and plain. The sauce is slightly sweet, cheese fresh, crust is thick, with a interesting sprinkling of sesame seeds. They have good grandma's, too.
              Go again, but don't eat the bbq slice first; that must have ruined your taste-buds.

              1. re: Paulomet

                You're right, barbecue sauce is sweet, especially one-note jarred stuff. Even worse than the "barbecue" aspect, however, was that the chicken was sitting on top of one of the shop's very mediocre plain slices. I had a plain as well (actually, it may have been a Grandma - I don't recall) that was, as I said, less than average in all respects. If you like the place, good for you; I'm just surprised by so much praise, and I figured it might be a matter of context (the dearth of quality pizza in this area). And, btw, barbecue chicken pizza can be amazing, although maybe not from a slice joint - California style, with cheese and sweet onion.

            2. re: JH3525

              Haven't been there in a long time - is it still world class?
              If so, it would be even more class if they might expand!

              1. re: micheal

                Recently tried Sunnyside Pizza for the first time, given that my parents live in that neighborhood and have been raving about it (specifically the sesame seed crust and the sauce). They miss Polito's, where we ventured for pizza on a regular basis when we lived in Astoria 30+ years ago (luckily I'm back in Astoria and can get Polito's any ol' time!), but have claimed this is their new go-to spot for a slice.

                I had a slice of their pepperoni and a "garlic slice" which was striped with sauce and cheese and sprinkled generously with what seemed to be freshly grated garlic. Both slices were phenomenal. The crust, the sauce, the flavors, every bite was delicious. I chased them down with a Stewart's root beer. You can't go wrong, and I can't wait to go back. Just wish they had more of a seating area...