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Sep 14, 2011 12:05 AM

Beijing and Shanghai recommendations..., im just coming from a 2-week michelin studed restaurant tour in Tokyo...

I want to somewhat do the same in Beijing and Shanghai....actually, Chengdu and Hangzhou will in the mix as well.

Quick list for me.....if you have comments/critiques/advice/etc....i'd love to hear it.

Beijing (so, i have open days still...the ones' listed, i have reservations for already)
Day2-Maison Boulud
Day 3-Duck Du Chine (client choice)
Day 4- Bei
Day 5-
Day 6-
Da Dong in Nanxincang
South Beauty
Mare Nostrum
Made in China
Imperial cuisine-this i was wondering if it is worth it....

Shanghai- No reserved yet...i can replace any of these...I will be in shanghai for 10 days.
Day 1- Jian'an at PuLi
day-2 Kanazawa - i know i just came from japan....just throwing this in there.
Day 3-Stillers
Day 4- Mr & Mrs Bund
Day 5-Chun on Jinxian lu

hangzhou- 3 days
Chengdu- 4 days.


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  1. xin guan for crab feast in shanghai.
    jesse for shanghaiese food in shanghai.

    lei garden or fook lam moon might be considerations if you don't make it to hong kong very often.

    1. Hello! I am interested to hear how the tour went. Any recommendations?

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      1. re: gastrotourist01

        I havent finished my posting my china pictures....still trying to organize it...but here's some of them.

        I'll post the rest this weekend if i get the time.

        where are you going?

        This is my main photo site..

        Chinese food


        Beijing-Da Dong
        Beijing-Cheng Fu

        Beijing-Bei (japanese

        Non-chinese food
        Shanghai-Jean George
        Shanghai-Maison Pourcel
        Beijing- Maison Boloud

        1. re: erickp

          Impressive! I recognize 大排档in Nanjing - did you try the half hatched eggs there?

          1. re: Ting Ting

            i dont remember....its been a dizzy whirlwind tour....i was out for almost 3 months....touring japan, china and spain.....i came close to getting sick of eating...and just want to be a vegetarian. hahaha
            i have a lot more pictures of China....its just a mess right now trying to get it into lightroom and posting it in smugmug.

            Did you see the japan posts? I think japan wins it all.....amazing food experience.

            i'll keep you guys posted...

          2. re: erickp

            Just moved to Beijing. Went to Bei and it was delicious. Enjoyed the "bread and butter" from the chef, toro tartar, and wagyu beef with himilayan salt. Saw your pics and the food looks as tasty as I remember. What is the crispy looking dish with cucumbers (?) underneath? What were your favorite dishes as I am sure we will be back?

            Looking for other tasty treats in Beijing or Shanghai or other parts of China as we hope to be gastrotouring our way around the country. Looking forward to the rest of your notes.

            1. re: gastrotourist01

              Hey gastrotourist01,
              Darn...its been so long...i know i wrote it down somewhere...but if my memory serves me...i would bet that was EEL. (unagi)... i really Enjoyed BEI....we had the tasting menu...and we even ordered more coz' it was amazing.
              I really enjoyed the FISH HEAD...
              but i just like stuff like that. :
              )In Beijing, i enjoyed Da Dong and Duck Du Chine.... i would not recommend ChengFu Imperial cuisine....nothing wrong with it except it was extremely over priced for what you get.
              Maison Boloud- good food but terrible service...not attentive at all, and the lady who gave me the check, literally, flung the signed receipt to the table, and left without saying thank you. Being a Michelin star...this is terrible. Also, the pacing of the dishes was very fast...felt like a chinese restaurant....i think i finished the meal before i finished my glass of wine. (and i drink fast)....

              I enjoyed Stillers in Shanghai...the wine and food paired nicely.... Jean george was overprices...i got the most expensive Truffle course, and you can barely taste the truffle... I would opt for Maison Pourcel....that place is a lot better. M on the bund was good too...although it was too dark to take pictures.
              Other places i enjoyed were the consistency of Charming restaurant, (my favorite) Lei Garden (a bit overpriced), Jade Mansion (2nd favorite), and South Beauty. (over priced too...but convenient)
              Chengdu had awesome food too.....Ginko was my favorite, and had the best DanDanMien ive tasted. I also went to Yu Jia Imperial cuisine....and with all the Food Network Hype from Andrew Zimmer, i found it not worth the money, and rather bland.

     and reviews to come....gotta go back to work.