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Sep 13, 2011 10:30 PM

Banff Recommendations?

Hi everyone! I recently scored a LivingSocial deal for the Fox Hotel in Banff. I'm going to be there for two nights, which means two dinners! :) I want to pick the best restaurants possible. Any price range is fine! I looked for older threads but the most recent is 2010 so they might not be very current. So, does anyone have any recommendations? I checked Trip Advisor and the top ones there were Nourish, Evergreen and The Maple Leaf. But the fifth on the list was the Keg so... I'm not entirely sure if I should trust those. Any help I can get would be great, thanks!

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  1. We were in Banff this spring and had a really fantastic dinner at Evergreen. The place was almost empty, but the food and service was spot on. Very impressed! We went to the Bison the night before (which was the one I was really excited about), and were thoroughly disapointed. Food was only ok - the infamous bison burger was so overcooked it crumbled, and the service was horrendous (we sat with dessert menus for over 40 minutes!). That said, I've heard many other people rave about it.

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      Thank you! I'll definitely go to Evergreen then, and probably Nourish. :) Thanks!

    2. I would recommend the following. I had great meals each one:

      The Bison *
      Maple Leaf Lounge
      Castello's & Waldhaus (both at Banff Springs Hotel)

      The chef's menu from the restaurant at the Rimrock Hotel was recommended on here but I can't remember the name. I haven't been.

      *(to the post above mine... I've been there at least 5 times for lunch, brunch & dinner, and haven't had any bad experiences)

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          The Bison is still open; the main floor store/cafe underwent a reno a few years back then it changed hands. The Bison used to be owned by Chef Ryan Rivard, as of this year (or late 2010 I forget) it changed hands and is now owned by Mike Mandelman who is also Co-Owner of Wurst in Calgary. I tried checking to see where Rivard landed but there's no update and so far a google search has turned up nada.

          ETA Rivard sold The Bison in April 2010, and is now in Toronto where he's "Cheese Guy" at All The Best Fine Foods.

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            The Bison is open upstairs. Downstairs is now Bear Street Pub (or Grill). It's more casual down there. They serve cocktails, wood fire pizza & paninis.

        2. If price is no object, I would recommend Eden at the Rimrock. Outstanding food and service.

          I just came back from Banff. I thoroughly enjoyed Maple Leaf, dinner at the Banff Springs and Ticino was good too. Not to mention lunches at Chaya and Beavertails for dessert.

          I would avoid the Keg.... didn't enjoy my trip there last month.

          118 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L, CA

          1. +1 for the Maple Leaf Grill.

            Mrs. Fuji and I had a weekend dinner there in August and the entire meal was tasty. I also enjoyed the service- informative & polite without being pretentious.

            We sat in the lounge (main floor) and it was a good atmosphere- but I did notice that the upstairs (where the washrooms are located) is a more casual & family-type vibe. Not where we wanted to be while on a rare dinner "sans-baby".

            Go, you'll love it.