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Sep 13, 2011 09:20 PM

MNF around Chandler

Does anyone have a suggestion for Monday Night Football around Chandler / Tempe. Looking for a place with a decent beer selection and specials on food. Thanks is advance.

P.S. Also looking for a good place to watch the NY Giants on Sundays.

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  1. The Hungry Monk has probably the best beer selection in the area (aside from the bar at Whole Foods on Ray Rd.). I can't speak to any specials on food though.

    1. Four Peaks Brewing would be the best option, definitely above average bar food and amazing beers they make onsite. I love their Pumpkin Porter which they have in the fall, their HopKnot has great hop with a very smooth taste, and my favorite is their peach ale which isn't nearly as sweet as it sounds. They are a Vikings bar but play other games. Don't know if they have any food specials though.

      Not sure if this would fit your bill but Zipps is a decent sports bar, tons of tv's and every day of week has some sort of specials for food and drink, such as $5. Food isn't anything amazing but their golden medium wings always hit the spot for me - they're not overwhelmingly sweet at all and a nice touch of heat. I always get their 32 oz miller lite specials ($4 for all domestic drafts Monday nights) so can't comment on their beer selection but I believe it's pretty standard. Zipps has a few locations around town - the one in Chandler is on the northeast corner of McClintock and Ray. Their specials are listed here

      Not in Chandler/Tempe but Papago brewing at Scottsdale and McDowell has a few TV's and an amazing beer selection - food is eh IMO but the beer selection is killer. You'd have to check if they put sound on for games or not. They always rotate 20ish beers on tap but have a huge bottles beer selection where you can mix and match to make a 6 pack to take home or enjoy the bottled beers there.

      Papago Brewing Co
      7107 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

      Four Peaks Brewery Company
      1340 E 8th St # 104, Tempe, AZ

      Zipps Sports Grill
      3950 W Ray Rd Ste 5, Chandler, AZ 85226

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        I'd also add Teakwoods to this list - lots of tv's, great wings.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. Hungry Monk doesn't really have any food deals, but they do have a good beer selection. Same for 4 Peaks. The only problem with Zipps is they stop the deals between 6 & 7. I guess the most important part is the game and a good beer selection. Thanks for the tips.