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Sep 13, 2011 09:10 PM

Anything around the Andaz Hotel? [London]

Hi everyone!
We are coming to London in the next few weeks and I have been reading a lot about eating in London - cant wait to be there!! Can anyone give some recommendations for meals somewhat close to the Andaz Hotel? Breakfast, Lunch, dinners, pubs? Very much appreciate any advice or help!

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  1. Do you have any monetary restrictions for your meals? It might help people here to know how much you want to spend on dinners etc. Don't hesitate to travel around for a great dinner... London is very easily navigated, and I think you're right near the Liverpool Tube.

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      Quality is more important than price, but price is not unlimited. Memorable is also important. We are open to traveling around. But not to far out of London proper. Our time is limited.

    2. The area is very corporatey so places near there are generally more geared to the after-work-drinks market. But St John's Bread and Wine is great for Modern British. Hawksmoor is a pretty good British steakhouse, if that's your thing.

      From the Galvin Brothers, Cafe a Vin is a bistrot type place, for a more formal meal around the corner, try Galvin La Chapelle.

      L'anima Italian is nearby and supposed to be quite good, though I've never been.

      A bit of a longer walk away is Whitechapel, with cheap-and-cheerful but-oh-so-good Punjabi places like Needoo Grill.

      But keep in mind Liverpool St is very central, so you can easily go to pretty much any of the places in central London mentioned in other threads.

      157 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ, GB

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          Thanks for the info - I will check out the other thread as well.

        2. How is Wild Honey? We are looking for a lunch spot nearby Buckingham Palace and Parliament. Also, we are completely open on Saturdays and thought we would do the Tate Modern and teh SouthWark area. Any suggestions? Thanks!

          Tate Modern
          Bankside, London SE1 9TG, GB

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            I just mentioned Wild Honey in another thread. It's excellent as is its sister restaurant Arbutus. Their three course lunch menus are among the best value available in my view.
            The decor and service are nothing to write home about - service was pretty shoddy when I went last night.
            But the food - blending a lot of British ingredients with modern European techniques - make it very interesting and very enjoyable.

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              I love Wild Honey - was there a couple of weeks ago for an excellent lunch. I would disagree about the service from my experience, it was very efficient and friendly. And I quite like the decor - it feels very cosy and gentleman's-club like, with all the wood panelling and banquettes.