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Sep 13, 2011 07:47 PM

Saybrook Soup & Sandwich Co.

The Saybrook Soup & Sandwich Co. is now open in a newly renovated building at 745 Post Road in Old Saybrook. The pleasant fresh-looking decor is reflected in the green uniforms of the help who prepare your order in full view in their kitchen area. Their menu, available at the aptly named
features a nice array of soups, sandwiches (your own choice of bread and accouterments), and salads. Desserts range from gelato to creme brulee, and there is an extensive range of beverages, which we approvingly noted featured Harney teas, both hot and cold-bottled.

There is a clean dining area as well as outdoor tables, but we decided on takeout and went down to Saybrook Point where we dined al fresco accompanied by a flock of pushy seagulls. My pulled pork sandwich on multigrain bread was among the best I remember. My wife had a chicken salad (with a few substitutions cheerfully accommodated) which was so humongous it looked as if it will last for at least two more meals. We agreed that the Harney Lemonade&Tea was better than Snapple. They are open from 10 to 7 daily

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  1. Don, that menu is making me HUNGRY for lunch way too early in the morning--mmmm! And you continue to make me chuckle, too: <<We agreed that the Harney Lemonade&Tea was better than Snapple.>> No surprise to you, I'm sure. :) Who knew Harney was making Arnold Palmers? I didn't even know they were making bottled tea. I will have to sample it when I grab a sandwich next time I'm down the shore. Thanks for the heads up--looks great! Can't wait to give this place a try!

    1. We were there last week and there was no available table for lunch even though it was 1:30 so we took our samiches home. Tried the prime rib sandwich on a roll and really liked the prime rib but didn't care for the roll....seemed dry and a tad stale. We will be back though....very clean and friendly ambiance.

      1. Thanks for the post, looking forward to trying the Harney Iced Tea! And I love a good chicken salad sandwich.

        1. Anyone been lately? Is it still as good as you thought last year? The menu is certainly tempting.

          Or, as a major fan of Al Forno, should I just stick to what I know and love when in OS?

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            Had lunch there the other day - still yummy, and friendly - but not a real "dining" atmosphere - I would say Alfornos is more of a trad dining room - but if you want well prepared salads,sammys and soups - this is prob one of the best spots on the shoreline - and everyone who works there is friendly and the place is always spotless

            1. re: few

              Sounds just right after a stroll or bike ride. Thank you! Any special favorite standouts there? I'm drawn to the chicken salad and the pulled pork for sure.

            2. re: kattyeyes

              In the OS sandwich wars, I would also recommend JAMMS and Mike's. JAMMS has a great ruben, a very good cheese steak and Mike's has a prime rib sandwich or grinder on Fridays and Saturdays that blows away Soup and Sandwich and also a very good chicken salad with cranberries and nuts. Just sayin', S&S is still good but there are other options.

              1. re: chowmensch

                Mike' strange, I have driven that stretch of road dozens of times and I can't place it, even with aid of Google maps. Bizarre.;la...

                Is there seating at Mike's or take-out only?

                I will keep all of these in mind for future shoreline visits. :)

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  S & S reminds me of a better, cleaner Panera. I've had the spinach salad a few times, and the shrimp and red pepper bisque, very good. They make the sandwiches and salads to order.
                  I haven't been to JAMMS for lunch (yet) but the breakfast is really great. I don't know Mike's either, Katty.

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    Highly recommend Mike's, we are there almost every weekend in the summer to pick up steaks and burgers. His sandwiches are delicious, the prime rib and kielbasa sandwich are favorites. (the kielbasa is usually a special). He did add a dining room to serve dinner, never seen anyone using it for lunch although there are a couple of tables outside. Glad to hear good things about the Soup & Sandwich Co,, I keep driving by it but will stop next time!

                    1. re: Meesch70

                      Mike is overrated IMHO. The guy is a grouch and while the sammys are good, they are overpriced for the shoreline. If you want a decent price butcher - Walts in OS or a bit up the road in Essex - both Bennies and Cliffs are butchers of choice for local chefs and foodies.
                      Now when I say Mike is a grouch - I gave the place 3 shots - spaced fairly evenly apart - and EVERY TIME I felt like I was being treated as a nuisance rather than a new customer. sent some friends there to see if it was me - but they won't go back either - not that good to deal with a grouch and overpriced meats. Now we were all ladies and maybe he has a problem - most guys that go in either don;t care he is a grouch or he does treat them differently - case in point - my husband thought although not the friendliest counter service - it was ok (we come from NYC) - but he would not go back because overpriced for what you get

                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        Mike's is on Boston Post Road near the cross street that goes to Chalker Beach. It's on the same side of the street as katty's favorite, Al Forno. started as a deli/sub shop but they now have a sit down restaurant that serves dinner.

                  2. Highly recommend--this place is excellent! Better still if you can go with someone willing to share. We split the pork loin sandwich (moist, delicious meat, piled high on a nice, fresh roll) and the chicken salad (fresh, tasty, plentiful--wow--passionfruit!). The Harney lemonade/tea was refreshing. Clean place, fast and friendly service. I hope to get there again soon. Thanks, guys!