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Sep 13, 2011 07:46 PM

Best Place For Cheap Business Lunch in Manhattan?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a nice place to have a business lunch in Manhattan that is also economical. I was thinking about doing a lunch buffet, like an Indian lunch buffet. Do you guys know of which places are not busy but are nice establishments at lunchtime. They should also not be noisy or have loud music. Really appreciate your recommendations.

Many thanks.

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  1. Where? What's the budget?

    Also, avoid a buffet. You don't want to have conversation interrupted because your client is getting more tikka masala.

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    1. re: coasts

      I'm looking for places all over Manhattan honestly. I want to meet at places convenient for the client and they are located all over the map, so the most people who reply with suggestions the better. My budget is under $25 per person, preferably under $20 per person.

      1. re: nycdude

        I go to Basera for lunch sometimes because it's a great deal. Any chicken, lamb or vegetable entree with rice & naan for $8.95.

        745 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019