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Sep 13, 2011 06:16 PM

New restaurant in Freehold Called L'Acqua anyone heard of it.

We went into a new Italian restaurant in Freehold, NJ on Main Street called L'Acqua Ristorante and the food was fantastic. It was like eating at my grandmother's home, authentic but classy with great prices. Has anyone else tried it.

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    1. Stopped by on my way to the Mall...Enjoyed food and prices (could still shop after) ;) Brought my 13mth old and staff was Friendly and accomodating. Even had some left over for dinner...Delicious.

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        1. Found my way here for dinner with a coupon from one of the deal sites. No real surprise that its nothing more than the multitude of mediocre Italian restaurants in the area. Its an attractive enough space and the staff were very pleasant and service quite good. I had a special of pappardelle in a veal ragu with filet mignon tidbits. This dish failed on all levels. The pappardelle was not home made and had no mouth feel at all. The veal ragu was similarly rather tasteless. Most disappointing, the filet mignon was beyond well done and tough to chew. I left most of it uneaten which went unnoticed by the waitstaff (their only miscue of the evening). On the other hand, my wife's special of lobster ravioli with grilled shrimp in a light cream sauce was good with nice large chunks of sweet lobster meat. We also had a couple of brick oven pizzas for the kids which were underdone and rather bland. Not worth a return visit, even with another coupon.

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            Sorry to hear about your poor experience, jsfein. But it doesn't surprise me one bit. I long ago gave up trying *any* new Italian restaurant that opens in our area because I have not the slightest doubt that like all the others, it will suck.

            We have been to Coal Pizza, in Manalapan, and liked the pizza there a lot (been there twice). But I consider it a pizza joint and not a restaurant per se.