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Sep 13, 2011 05:17 PM

Moving to Queensbury soon

What do fellow Chowhounds recommend for eating out and shopping?

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  1. Queensbury itself is filled with chain restaurants and the only shopping is in the Aviation Mall. Therefore, I would recommend Lake George or downtown Saratoga for dining out and shopping, unless you happen to like chains. Manchester, VT is also not far away and has some decent dining/shopping.

    1. No good culinary options there, tallulah's in glens falls is close
      Many places 20 minutes away in Saratoga Springs that are not chains.

      1. Tallulah's Bistro and The Black Watch in GF; The Farmhouse in LG.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I have heard of The Farmhouse. Any thoughts about Le Roux in Queensbury, or recommendations for food shopping?

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            Food shopping - for specialty items (harissa, fresh mozzarella, etc.) Roma Foods in Saratoga Springs. They will also order duck and smoked duck. Sanders Meat Market in Ballston Spa has duck, quail and game meat or will order it for you.


            Honest Weight Food Co-op (great cheese counter) and the Asian Market on Central Avenue if you are in Albany area or want to spend a weekend afternoon stocking up. Thanks again to hounds for giving me these recs . . .



            Agree with other hounds re: S. Springs for dining out.

            A thread on The Farmhouse (Lake George) and Bistro Tallulah (Glens Falls). Both on my "to try" list:



            Not much on this Board re: Le Roux:


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              Thanks for all the info! I can't wait to get moved and start exploring. I'm currently in Westchester and will miss TJ's and Whole Foods, but I'm sure I won't starve. Already we like the Meat House, Jacob & Toney's, Oscar's. Also looking forward to visiting the Old Saratoga Books in Schuylersville.Their Website has some great leads. I shall be so happy--eating and reading, especially cookbooks. Thanks again.

              1. re: magnolia

                TJ's opens on Wolf Road this weekend. And Fresh Foods has been in Latham for awhile (similar to Whole Foods).