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Sep 13, 2011 04:41 PM

Any good recommendations for Barstow???

We're going to LV and would like to find a place 1/2 way to stop for a late bfast or lunch. Seems like we always end up at Tommy's or In 'N Out but I would really like to go and sit down and have a decent meal. We've tried an Italian restaurant on Main St and it was okay. Anyone know of a place? Thank you

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  1. There was a funny article recently in the Las Vegas Weekly touting the Del Taco in Barstow as a must-stop. Super clean and efficient and the best Del Taco anywhere. LOL.

    Lola's is terrific for Mexican, and the Idle Spurs steakhouse is pretty good, too.

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      Del Taco as a recommendation is funny. We took our trip and found an Italian restaurant that I remember being taken to years ago when I had some work in Barstow. Now I can't even remember the name but it was the second Main St. off from the 15, turn left and it's there across from the IHOP. It was an old converted fire house. The sandwiches were really good and so was the homemade potato salad. I will keep your recommendations for the next time. Thank you.

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        The name of the Italian restaurant is DiNapoli's Firehouse, on Main St. as you said. (1358 East Main St). Be warned, they close at 9pm on Saturday night, and they are serious about it....they actually unlocked the door to let us out:-). They might close even earlier on weeknights. But I'm glad you mentioned this place, as I was going to post on it anyway. We stopped there while on a quick trip to LA last week. We chose it because it was the only non-chain place we could find open other than several small Mexican restaurants, and DH wanted something different than Mexican (he is eating mostly vegan now, with occasional fish, and finds that Mexican places often have few choices that meet his needs). Anyway, we were glad we did. They have a fairly extensive menu, mostly old-school Italian and pizza. I was fighting a cold and wanted soup, and so we both had the minestrone (although there were plenty of other vegetarian options he could have chosen). It was delicious and definitely not canned. The vegetables were large-cut (not cubed frozen carrots) and properly al-dente, in a delicious broth. My only complaint was that the bowl wasn't large enough, but it was inexpensive enough that I could have just ordered another -:) We accompanied our soup with salads....standard mostly iceberg lettuce with a little bit of something greener, but piled high with other goodies including beets (which I love in salads), and the house italian dressing was tasty and homemade. We ended up eating two orders of their house garlic bread (you can order it with or without cheese)...its made on something they call "bocce bread" which maybe is named that because its a round bread....anyway the bread is baked on site and the garlic is fresh and ...well, we ate two orders! Admittedly we didn't sample much of the menu, but based on what we had, what I saw coming to other tables, and the reasonable prices, I would say you could do far, far worse in Barstow. Oh, and the glass of house chianti I had with my meal was totally drinkable as well. Our light dinner for two with one glass of wine and two coffees was just about 25 dollars including tax and a generous tip (server was great.....). Recommended

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        Here's a link to the LV Weekly piece mentioning the Barstow Del Taco. It's 3rd as you scroll through this story. Also note page 5, interesting bit about Zzzyz Road.

      3. Highway 15 and the Mad Greek in Baker which is a bit beyond Barstoe is on the way to LV depending upon how you are driving there. Good enough for a stop for a change of pace.

        Mad Greek
        72112 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309

        1. If you properly plan your trip and your fueling requirements you will not even have to get off of the freeway in Barstow.

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            Gasp, does this mean they don't even have good candy machines in Barstow? ;-) Someone needs to scour Barstow for a good chowdown. There has to be something. Though the rankings on TripAdvisor might make the Chowhound chain restaurant forum the better place to be asking this question:

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              The Popeye's is the best Popeye's I have eaten at outside of New Orleans.