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Sep 13, 2011 03:49 PM

fat spoon, downtown?

Has anyone had a chance to check out Fat Spoon for Japanese curry downtown -- the new Michael Cardenas place?

Jonathan Gold mentioned it in the Weekly last week: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/20...


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  1. It's good, probably the best curry place in Little Tokyo (erm, although there's not much competition...what, Curry House and maybe Suehiro? and both of those use mixes). The garlic oil condiment is a must. And you should ignore JGold's advice and try the tarako pasta if you're curious. I've never had it at Spoon House, but Fat Spoon makes a tasty version that you don't have to drive to freaking Gardena for.
    ...oh, and it's probably the least $ you'll spend for anything Michael Cardenas-affiliated, so there's that.

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      Thanks to both you and Dommy. I live in San Francisco, but am putting together my list of places I want to try in downtown LA. Sounds like it would be great to try. @thestreetbrat, I had to giggle at your categorization of Spoon House ... I grew up eating that in the South Bay (and still actively crave it) so it doesn't seem so far away to me. ;)

      Spoon House
      1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

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        I would put it pretty low on a list of "places to try." The curry is solid, and better than the places that just use the packet stuff, but it is not going to introduce you to anything new. There's much more interesting stuff going on downtown.

        To me, Fat Spoon is more an "Oh, I'm in the area, and I just got a craving for curry" place, rather than a destination spot.

    2. I am a Japanese curry FIEND and I had to try Fat Spoon as soon as it opened because if it's pedigree...

      Now, the curry was truly housemade. It had a great texture, great flavor. they had all the right condiments, the rice was delicious.

      However, the Katsu Pork was okay. Not incredibly juicy. (I've had better at CoCo, although i like Fat Spoon's curry much better than CoCo) And overall I think I like FooFooTei's curry, it has a more assertive ginger note. But since FooFooTei is much further away, I'm happy about Fat Spoon.

      We also tried the grilled veggie salad, which was very uninspired and the mini corn dogs, which were EXCELLENT and a GENIUS use of those little snappy japanese sausages. The ketchup was also spiked with curry!

      We will be back soon if ANYTHING to try their fresh made curry pan. We didn't order, but the table next to us had it and was Oooooing with each bite!


      We had

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        I thought exactly the same about the tonkatsu curry. Sauce had alot of depth but meat was mediocre.

        The curry definitely pan is worth trying though, at $2 its well priced too considering in the San Gabriel Valley you will pay $1.60ish a piece at Chinese bakeries and their curry fillings really suck for the most part.

        I'm a big fan of foo foo tei's curry as well.

      2. I had the chicken curry a couple weeks ago. It was decent and good but not particularly noteworhty. It's probably sacrilege to say this, but I prefer Curry House. Ever since E&E Cafe closed, I haven't found anything that even comes close for Japanese curry.