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Sep 13, 2011 02:50 PM

Broiler Safe sheet pans or bakeware

I have spent a lot of time looking for an answer with no luck, so I decided to make a post and ask here. Are aluminum baking sheets broiler safe? I also have ramekins and other baking dishes that are ceramic/porcelain but do not state if the are broiler safe or not. I have been avoiding using the broiler because I do not know what I can put under it.

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  1. I was browsing through stores and came across this aluminum pan.

    It looks nice. Almost bought it. But then I remembered I have always used my cast iron griddle with the broiler so I don't need an extra pan.

    I also have the original broiler pan that came with the oven. It's probably made of enamel coated steel. I hate cleaning it and it's now hidden.

    People here, including myself, have not had any issues with French-made porcelain baking dishes under a broiler.

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      Recently I searched for individual sized au gratin pans that could be used under the broiler and ended up focusing on Le Creuset and Emile Henry for that purpose. Had a nice conversation with an Emile Henry customer service rep who explained that ONLY their "Flame Top" line is considered broiler-safe. The other lines are not marketed as broiler safe although she said that they SHOULD be okay if placed at least 4" from the broiler element AND for not more than a couple of minutes (for example just to brown the top of something). So anything other than the Flame Top models would not be covered by the warranty should it be damaged by broiler use.

      They do make a Flame Top open roaster but it's a bit pricey IMHO. Three sizes starting at $82 for the 15"x10" one.

      Le Creuset says their Stoneware products are broiler safe as long as the item is at least 2 1/2" from the broiler element; however they don't make the exact item I was looking for (their petite au gratin dish is miniscule, being only 5" long including the handles).