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Sep 13, 2011 02:34 PM

SUNY-Binghamton Reunion/Homecoming Weekend

I'm going back for my 30th reunion Sept 23-25, and don't know the area anymore. I did read the boards, and see that some old time places like #5 still exist, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Hi from a fellow Binghamton grad! (2004) Unfortunately, much of the south side of Binghamton suffered a great deal of damage from flooding recently. My father in law sent a photo of Number 5 restaurant in particular with a water line well up the side of the building. I'd call them. There's not much action on this board from the Binghamton area so I would check Yelp. While in general I don't find it as reliable as CH, you'll at least be able to see which of your favorites are still around and find some new places too. Have a fun weekend!

    Number 5 Restaurant
    33 S Washington St, Binghamton, NY 13903

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        Oh no...that's terrible! The floods were so devastating. I remember going on my first "fancy date" at Number 5 when I was at Bing. So sad...

        Bing's Restaurant
        1952 Kensington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215

        Number 5 Restaurant
        33 S Washington St, Binghamton, NY 13903

    1. Yes, the floods will definitely complicate your search for restaurants, since I know the south side was hit pretty hard, and I'm sure many restaurants downtown suffered some damage as well. I'd definitely say call ahead before you plan anything.

      I can't really help with fancy dining, since I was on a grad student budget when I was eating in Binghamton 2003-2007. My favorite places were the Lost Dog Cafe downtown, China Lake in Endwell (authentic Chinese food, served family-style...very homey and affordable, but the absolute best Chinese food I've had), and some of the Italian restaurants in Endicott, especially Joey's for brick oven pizza and Consul's. I've heard that Consul's has opened a second restaurant right next to campus, in that little plaza sort of near Denny's. That may be one of the only non-chain options close to campus.

      I haven't had a meal in Binghamton for a few years now (though I do stop for a pizza at Joey's once in awhile if I'm on my way through and have the time), but I found this blog that has fairly recent restaurant reviews. To be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but it seems pretty comprehensive:

      China Lake Restaurant
      3215 E Main St Ste 2, Endicott, NY 13760

      Lost Dog
      222 Water St Ste 101, Binghamton, NY 13901

      1. I would suggest the P.S. Restaurant in Vestal, which serves French/Thai food. I haven't been to it recently, but it's located in a shopping center that's part way up a hill, so I don't think they would have suffered any flood damage.

        P.S. Restaurant
        100 Rano Blvd Ste 8, Vestal, NY 13850

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          This sounds like a wonderful suggestion. Thanks.