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Sep 13, 2011 02:21 PM

Haliburton Highlands

Does anyone know any great places to eat in the Haliburton Highlands… Haliburton… Dorset… Minden Hills… Carnarvon? We'll be there this coming weekend and looking for somewhere to eat.
Thanks so much!

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  1. If you are looking for a nice patio on the water, the Fiery Grill is a good location. The food has slipped somewhat, though. For provisions, the small grocery store in Dwight has very good meat, some decent cheeses, and good veg. The Bush Company in Dwight is a nice pub with solid food.

    For roadside eating, the Red Box on 35 before Dwight does a good back bacon sandwich and a respectable poutine.

    Fiery Grill
    1089 Main, Dorset, ON P0A1E0, CA

    1. I agree with the Fiery Grill, had a great pulled pork, but its not what it used to be. In Haliburton village I had quite a good meal at Aniz this summer. Everyone at my table was impressed with the food. The service was nice if a little inexperienced.

      In the past had good meals at the Bonnie View Inn, but didn't get to visit it this summer. Also visited Rhubarb, which has a great view, but I really felt that for the price I would have expected a better meal and better service.

      Fiery Grill
      1089 Main, Dorset, ON P0A1E0, CA

      1. The Haliburton Highlands has no shortage of dining out spots.

        Carnarvon at the intersection of highways #35 and #118 has a popular dining spot call That Place overlooking Mirror Lake.

        Another is a great little waterfront pub and restaurant on east side of highway #35 at Ox Narrows which is just south of Dorset Ontario.

        The Pepper Mill on Highway #35 south of Carnarvon, a family restaurant serves a great meal, we have dined there a few times and will always go back.

        Hope this helps

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          We stayed at the Domain of Kilien once and ate quite well. It might be worth asking about dinner reservations even if you aren't staying there. They do wine tastings and such as well.

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            Need to respectfully disagree about the Firehouse... we have a cottage on Kushog Lake and the food at the Firehouse really is terrible... overpriced and disapointing! Last time I was there, my first beer was warm and flat, asked for another and recieved another warm/flat beer.

            Pepper Mill is good... if you are up for a little drive, then i'd recommend Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park... unbelievable food

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              Key point, last time I was there, Arowhon wasn't licenced, so one needs to bring one's own. Would be horrible to dine on good food without wine.

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                In Arowhon's own words "Bring your own wine—we'll uncork it for you in the dining room (there is no corkage fee)—our meals deserve it!", @Snarf you are right, they are not licensed.

          2. Love the Peppermill on 35 just south of Carnarvon. Simple dining - great steaks, great service, great price.

            1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We went to Aniz and had a great meal... I throughly enjoyed their seafood risotto and my wife had a perfectly grilled and succulent Bison Ribsteak.

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                Just want to add my +1 for Aniz ... on a rainy day this past summer we headed in to Haliburton and ended up there for lunch. Was very pleasantly surprised about the quality of their food ... I had a pizza that I would find hard to replicate the enjoyment of here in Toronto ...

                Domain of Killian is difficult to get into unless you're also staying there ... it's small and understandably they reserve their tables for in-house guests first ... maybe easier to get in during the less busy months?