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Sep 13, 2011 02:13 PM

Lunch in Venice - Help me narrow down my list.

I will be in Venice from Oct 1-4th, staying on the Fondamenta di Cannaregio.

With such a short trip I want to make the most of my time. In fact, the itinerary so far is restaurants with some site seeing maybe accomplished between meals. :0)

I've done my research but I would appreciate advice from my Chowfriends.

Reservations have been made for suppers:

Saturday-Alla Fontana
Sunday-Cicchetti crawl
Monday-La Zucca

I've come up with a short-list of restaurants for lunches but I'm having trouble narrowing it down. We don't arrive until mid-day on the 1st, so we really only have 2 lunches.

There will be 2 of us and we prefer to get "authentic" Venetian food as much as possible. Local ingredients, seafood and seasonal vegetables and good technique preferred over complex plating or fancy preparation. I'd prefer a sit down place where we can have a more leisurely lunch. The atmosphere does not need to be romantic - I want to fall in love with the people and city of Venice not my platonic travel mate.

The list so far:
Alle Botte
Osteria alle Botteghe
Anice Stellato
Enoteca Osteria Giorgione

I know Bancogiro is closed on Mondays. Are any of the other restaurants?

Ristorante Terrazza del Casin Dei Nobli is another restaurant we're considering, dependent on if we get to spend time in Dorsoduro.

Advice is appreciated.

Anice Stellato
Cannaregio, 3272, Venezia , IT

Campo San Giacomo di Rialto, San Polo 122,, Venice, Veneto 30125, IT

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  1. Sunday cicchetti crawl: some of the best bacaro are closed on Sundays, including all the old atmospheric ones near the Rialto market. Many stand alone close by 8 or 9pm and if not, the food gets more and more sparse. You can hit trattorias/osterias that have a front bar. Most Venetians, except for the young, don't eat cicchetti as an evening meal. Best area is around the Strada Nova and Campo San Giacomo and Bella Viena on Sunday nights.
    "Authentic" Venetian food: that would rule out La Zucca. It does have a few Venetian/Italian inspire items on their long menu, otherwise, much of the cooking is from anywhere that the chef like such as a beef dish from Argentina, lamb tagine, ratatouille, curry cauliflower. NO seafood. Good but definitely not traditional Venetian. Same for Naranzaria though the focus is Asia, including sushi and sashimi. It does has a page of Venetian dishes on the menu that nobody orders. A fun and lively place even late into the evening.
    Alle Botte: very basic but the food is good for the price; a no nonsense place.
    Bancogiro: just search for earlier posts.
    Osteria alle Botteghe: if it is the one near the Rialto market; busy for lunch with the local merchants. Food is not much to brag about. Haven't eaten there is couple of years.
    Anice Stellato: very good moderately price trattoria. Venetian cooking with creative use of spices.
    Haven't been to Terrazza Casin on the Zattere which should have a nice view. The originial Casin dei Nobili is more for the lively atmosphere than the food which is decent. Only one on your list that serves pizza.
    Haven't been to Alla Fontana or Osteria Giorgione. Couple of our Venetian friends like Giorgione.
    Open on Mondays that I like: La Bitta (no seafood), All Frasca (open on Mondays starting October), ai Promessi Sposi, Da Alberto, Alla Vedova, Ostario Al Garanghelo. More expensive are Fiaschetteria Toscana and Al Covo.
    Local seafood: sadly not much of the seafood is local anymore. And what there is, it is very expensive and seasonal, especially the shellfish. Now, much of the branzano and dorada are farmed (there is wild but it is frightening expensive in restaurants), cod from Spain, tuna and swordfish and sardines from Sicily, scampi from North Sea, shrimp from Argentina, etc. Much of the seafood is not of high quality in inexpensive trattorias/osterias. In those, I would order sardine, anchovies, bacala, squid, cuttlefish. At the inexpensive places, one do better with local vegetables as the Veneto and Sant Esrasmo still grow some excellent artichokes, greens, spinach, endives, lettuces, radicchio, broccolini.
    Local ingredients, seafood and seasonal vegetables and good technique are the essence of traditional Venetian cooking though it is hard to come by at inexpensive places. If you can be more specific as to your budget and at least some idea of whereabout at lunch, you'll get some good recommendations. Also search this board as there have been quite a few recent posts on Venice.

    Anice Stellato
    Cannaregio, 3272, Venezia , IT

    La Zucca (aka alla Zucca)
    Santa Croce, 1762, Venezia 30135, IT

    La Bitta
    Dorsoduro 2753A, Calle Lunga San Barnaba, Venezia 30123, IT

    Alla Fontana
    Fondamenta di Cannaregio 1102, Venice, Veneto , IT

    Campo San Giacomo di Rialto, San Polo 122,, Venice, Veneto 30125, IT

    Al Covo
    Campiello della Pescaria,Castello 3968, Venice, Veneto 30122, IT

    Fiaschetteria Toscana
    Cannaregio, 5719, Venice, Veneto 30131, IT

    Alla Vedova
    Ramo del Ca' d'Oro, Venice, Veneto 30121, IT