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Sep 13, 2011 01:58 PM

Trader Joes Comes to Florida At Last!!


For those of you who are tranlsplanted from a TJ's market area they are opening thier first Florida store in Naples very soon - it can't be much longer after that when we will all be able to shop there once again and I won't have to beg my friend's in Boston to bring me contraband in their luggage

  1. Sounds good.

    "Asked if there would be other locations in Florida, [a company spokeperson] said she had no comment. “We don’t have anything else to announce right now,” she said."

    It only makes sense though.

      1. will a store with a value/quality emphasis come to South Florida? i'll wait for it sitting down :(

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        1. re: crowmuncher

          It's hard to imagine any other chain surviving down here unless they have a special niche. High quality might be one that few have explored. There's several high end gourmet AG indies doing very well despite Publix and WD's dominance. Whole Foods seems to be doing well too. No outside general grocery chain has been able to survive since Food Fair/Pantry Pride during the 80's. Every attempt by any of the majors has failed as most recently Albertsons. Even Hyde Park that is a nationwide distributor couldn't pull it off during the 90's. TJ's might have a chance down here. The parent company is testing the market with a few Aldi's in SF that appear to be placed in solid Publix/WD non-economically depressed areas taking them head on hopefully with a much lower price point niche for essentials. Maybe this is part of a test to see if TJ's can can find a niche.

          1. re: DawnT

            it would be so great if a store like TJ's found a niche here; i hope i'm wrong, but my pessimism stems from the fact that much of our culture here seems more concerned with appearances than value/quality; as i wrote- i'll wait for it sitting down...

            1. re: crowmuncher

              i think that trader joes would be able to find a niche in florida, but i think that naples is the wrong city to start in. I think there would be much better luck over here on the east coast!

              1. re: mattstolz

                there must be some reason they find us (the East Coast) a risky investment

                1. re: crowmuncher

                  Which I don't really understand - Naples is very quiet with a shorter "season" than over here. Boca has alot of families - not just oldsters (OMG that may be me lol!) and would certainly go to TJ's. Our Whole Foods and Fresh Market are doing quite well despite the plethora of Publix etc.

                  Fresh Market
                  18295 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

                  1. re: Linda VH

                    I'm sure they've done their demographic homework and have a valid reason for starting up in Naples. Remember they are originally a West Coast (California) company and I expect their average customer is a little different than we might think. All of us who are waiting with bated breath for them to open here (east coast fl) are probably transplants from another area that more accurately matches their demographic.

        2. Tell Trader Joe's yourself:

          I used the form to forward a link to this thread, but "more the merrier"

          1. We try to keep threads about the opening of a new chain pretty contained, and since there's already an existing thread on this, we're going to lock this new one in deference to that one: