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Sep 13, 2011 01:43 PM

Final Roma plans - and questions

I leave for Italy in 3 days!! Rome is at the end of the trip, but it's the part I've put the most thought and planning into re:food and drink. We have four lunches and three dinners, so I'll just lump my picks so far by meal:

Vino e Camino
Trattoria Cadorna
Cesare or Marco e Fabio in Prati
pizza at Bir & Fud, Ivo, or ???

da Enzo or Gildo or Olindo in Trastevere

So, my questions: Where do I absolutely need reservations for the meal I've targeted these restaurants for? Is 10 pm too late for Vino e Camino, where I'm planning on Friday night? Any strong feelings about these or similar places I might be missing?

I've done a lot of research, and most of these are planned for times when we'll be in that area of the city, but am still open to some changes. I also have some pizza al taglio, gelato, food shopping, and coffee plans, but those I don't need as much feedback on.


Trattoria Cadorna
Via Cadorna, 12, Roma 00100, IT

Vino e Camino
piazza dell’Oro 6, Rome, Lazio , IT

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  1. Your list is pretty good! In Prati I'd definitely choose Da Cesare. And Bir & Fud and Ivo are two quite different experiences. Bir & Fud being as much about the craft beer (which is fantastic) as the pizza. Ivo's is more traditional, authentic Roman pizzeria.

    You should definitely call ahead and reserve for all your dinners. Especially if you are planning on arriving late, at Vino e Camino.

    In terms of what you are missing, or your choices, you say you have picked these places for their location and done your research. That said, I wouldn't choose Lilli, and have never heard of Olindo or Gildo, so it's hard to comment.

    Vino e Camino
    piazza dell’Oro 6, Rome, Lazio , IT

    Da Cesare
    Via del Casaletto,45, Rome, Lazio 00151, IT

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    1. re: minchilli

      I think Da Enzo is now called Da Teo and has moved just off Via dei Vascellari. Someone did a review in a guest post about it recently at Parla Food. Da Gildo was a favourite of Roman friends 30 years ago, but I have no idea what it's like now.

      1. re: zerlina

        Thanks to you both! I'll be sure to report back when I return in a few weeks.

        1. re: zerlina

          My one meal, a Sunday lunch, at Gildo a couple of years ago was pretty bad, but supposedly it's good for pizza.

          1. re: mbfant

            could one of you answer two specific questions about lunch?

            what time does Da Tonino (Via del Governo Vecchio, 18) start serving lunch? we are thinking of arriving unfashionably early in order to make another appointment.

            Is L'asino d'Oro open for lunch on Sunday?

            1. re: ziamirtillo

              I don't think Toni opens doors before 12:30. L'Asino d'oro is closed all day sunday.

            2. re: mbfant

              I went to Da Gildo last year - my husband liked his pizza ok, but my food was pretty medioocre - I had a pasta alla gricia and cicoria which went off the spectrum of being acrid and overcooked. This was a place with lovely hospitality and the desserts looked ok - but like Maureen I would stick with the pizza.

              There was a favorable post on Cesare in Prati a year or so ago.

              Da Gildo
              Via della Scala, 31/A, Rome , IT

            3. re: zerlina

              I had been wondering about that. THANK YOU for clearing up the da enzo/da teo question!!