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Sep 13, 2011 12:36 PM

Where to buy Indian Spices online? [moved from Home Cooking]

I am looking for a good online source for spices used in Indian home cooking. I go to my local Indian market but most of the spices are in bulk and have probably been sitting around for quite a while. I would to find a place that sells smaller amounts of spices. I have never bought spices online before so I have no idea what site would have the freshest spices.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi Wenmink. I was looking for a particular kind of chili powder and went to several online places. The one that impressed me was Penzeys Spices. The chili powder was for my son in California, so I ordered a 4 oz. bag (you can get small amounts or up to 5 lbs.) and had it shipped. Hope this helps. The site is http://www.penzeys.com

    1. I second Penzey's. They have many Indian spices and seeds. Quality is always excellent.

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        I echo Penzeys! They have a lovely sweet curry. Very full flavored. They also sell cardamom, coriander and very good Tellicherry pepper. They actually have several sorts of curry. There is possibly a Penzey's in your town.

      2. I typically buy my Indian spices from the Indo-Pak grocer, but I have gone to Penzey's for many other items and have always been very pleased with the quality.

        1. http://kalustyans.com/

          Spices and much more. If you are in NYC go in person but if not ... online is second best. The tahini selection (and other similar things) is great too.

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            Completely agree. I'm in NYC, and I was just at Kalustyans today. Again. It's a wonderful resource. In addition to their spices, they also carry chutneys, flours, legumes, rices and all sorts of good things. (Today I was there for teff flour.)

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