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Where to buy Indian Spices online? [moved from Home Cooking]

I am looking for a good online source for spices used in Indian home cooking. I go to my local Indian market but most of the spices are in bulk and have probably been sitting around for quite a while. I would to find a place that sells smaller amounts of spices. I have never bought spices online before so I have no idea what site would have the freshest spices.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi Wenmink. I was looking for a particular kind of chili powder and went to several online places. The one that impressed me was Penzeys Spices. The chili powder was for my son in California, so I ordered a 4 oz. bag (you can get small amounts or up to 5 lbs.) and had it shipped. Hope this helps. The site is http://www.penzeys.com

    1. I second Penzey's. They have many Indian spices and seeds. Quality is always excellent.

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        I echo Penzeys! They have a lovely sweet curry. Very full flavored. They also sell cardamom, coriander and very good Tellicherry pepper. They actually have several sorts of curry. There is possibly a Penzey's in your town.

      2. I typically buy my Indian spices from the Indo-Pak grocer, but I have gone to Penzey's for many other items and have always been very pleased with the quality.

        1. http://kalustyans.com/

          Spices and much more. If you are in NYC go in person but if not ... online is second best. The tahini selection (and other similar things) is great too.

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            Completely agree. I'm in NYC, and I was just at Kalustyans today. Again. It's a wonderful resource. In addition to their spices, they also carry chutneys, flours, legumes, rices and all sorts of good things. (Today I was there for teff flour.)

          2. I, too, think Penzey's has some great Indian spices. They don't have everything, but what they do have is very high-quality.
            That being said, I actually do buy most of my Indian spices, in the bulk bags, from the Indian grocer. I know it may seem that they've been sitting around for a long time (and, of course, it depends on your grocery) but all my Indian friends buy them that way. I think that Indian cooks go through so many spices so quickly, that they MIGHT not actually have been sitting around as long as you think they have been!

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              I buy my spices at the Indian market *because* the turn over is so fast the spices are always fresh (and the prices are so much cheaper!)

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                " I think that Indian cooks go through so many spices so quickly, that they MIGHT not actually have been sitting around as long as you think they have been!"


                I cook Sri Lankan curries more than Indian, but same principle. With cooking for just the two of us, I go through a 250g (1/2 pound) bag of chilli powder in a month or six weeks, 200g black pepper in about the same time period, and so on for other spices, like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and more. When we're cooking for additional family members (his), that only goes up. We use a LOT of spices.

                I would have no problem buying spices from the bulk section of an Asian market. They get a LOT of turnover.

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                  Exactly. If I had to buy all my spices from Penzey's, I wouldn't have any money left to buy all the other ingredients! We buy whole spices as much a s possible and toast and grind enough for the week. If you keep them in a cold dark place, they are usually fine.

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                    I have some that I keep in the fridge just because bugs get into them and they go moldy and mildewy quickly. Chilli flakes, coriander powder specifically. In our tropical climates, they don't last over a month or perhaps two.

              2. I also buy mine at the local Indian grocer, but then, I cook Indian food quite often. If I didn't, and was worried the spices would get stale, I'd order from Penzey's, altho' individual spices, not a "curry" mix. I prefer to customize the flavors, not one-spice-fits-all.

                1. Most of my spices come from Penzey's, but for curry leaves and a few other things Penzey's doesn't have I go through The Spice House:


                    1. I used Penzey's for quite a few years, and they are good, but they don't have some of the more exotic ones (like asafetida). To save on shipping expenses, I prefer to do my online spice shopping at one place, and now I am using Whole Spice in Petaluma, CA. I love them; their spices are fresh, reasonably priced, and their customer service is wonderful. They have everything I need (Indian spices included). They also have many specials, reducing their prices by 20 or 30%, or sometimes offer free shipping!

                      1. https://www.myspicesage.com/ Always great service and they enclose freebies often.

                        1. I'm going to add another vote for Penzey. I go to the local Penzey store not the website but everything I've gotten from them has been top notch and well priced.