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Sep 13, 2011 11:46 AM

Coffee Bean at Miracle Mile Shops/Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Is anyone familiar with the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas? Does this branch have salads, sandwiches, and pastries, aside from the drinks?
I'm familiar with the 2 branches at the Venetian, and the one at the Palazzo, but I specificly want to know about the one in Planet Hollywood. Also, can you describe where it's located within the Miracle Mile Shops?

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  1. We went to the Coffee Beans at both the Venetians and at the Miracle Mile and found the menu to be identical. All of them did not have all of the sandwiches on the menu available when we were there but there were a couple of the sandwiches and some of the hot sandwiches as well. To get there go in the north entrance and go toward the back. It is across from a Gap near an American Apparel (you would make a right at the corridor near those store and then it is on your left.)

    1. I agree with Flo. We were there about 3 months ago and I literally ate 3 meals a day there while my DH was at a conference. It was much closer to my hotel. The only issue is that they get their delivery from the kosher caterer every other day at a specific time of day so if you are at the end of the day, before the delivery comes, there might not be much kosher stuff left. You could always get a bagel and cream cheese but its worth calling them and asking them when they will get the delivery if you want to have the biggest selection of salads and sandwiches. I had some delicious salads there and a fabulous tuna sandwich. I think the pastry options come from elsewhere because they always had a huge selection. The entire store was under hashgacha when I was there.