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Sep 13, 2011 11:44 AM

Sushein - Conveyor Belt Sushi

I heard it had opened. Has anyone been and can give a review.

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      1. re: dfsny613

        I'm going to try to go tomorrow for lunch. I'm not 100% sure its open yet, but worth a shot. I'll report back :)

        1. re: iambarry

          Their website is up. There are pictures in the gallery, but it doesnt say anywhere that it is kosher or what the hashgacha is. It looks like there are some yarlmukas in a pic...

          1. re: KosherChef

            I just called, they are open today.

   reports that they are under OU supervision.

            Almost time for lunch...

            1. re: iambarry

              I just came back.

              The sushi was great. Rice was just right. Fish seemed fresh. Nice variety.

              I definitely would recommend this place.

              The restaurant is fleishig. On the conveyor belt meat dishes are identified with a red dot.

              There's also a full menu. In addition to sushi, there's a wide variety of Asian inspired dishes. Prices vary from affordable up to a $40 steak.

              One thing to note: the sushi plates are a little pricey. To fill up on sushi alone you are looking at spending $20-$40 depending on appetite.

              I think next time I go I'll order off the menu, and maybe grab one or two sushi plates as they go by.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I had a very positive experience. The sushi is top-flight with options unavailable elsewhere. It is fun and the service was very friendly and attentive. Clean too. I would have liked to try some of the items on the menu and I would love to hear some reviews. My fear is that there is a woefully insufficient market in that neighborhood. I was there at the peak lunchtime and the number of dishes traveling along the conveyer FAR exceeded the customers. They should make a strong push to the non-kosher lunch crowd (which I think would pay for sushi but not for the much more meat expensive meat options on the menu). I would be surprised if they are getting a big crowd at night - it is just too far away from where most kosher dinners will venture at that hour.

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          1. re: Kosher Critic

            I have not been there yet, although I would like to. I do think, however, that they would get a dinner crowd because of the novelty factor and the popularity of sushi in the kosher circles. It could become a date destination.

            1. re: emacat

              I was there Monday night. When we got there at 7 it was fairly empty but by 8 PM the booths had filled up although there were still some empty seats on the counter side of the conveyer belt. (There are also seats in the back -- there was a party there that night.) The sushi was good. The beef sushi was better than the chicken which was a bit dry. We ordered some appetizers from the menu as well -- the pot stickers and the lamb -- which were very good although pricey. The entrees looked good but we were having fun eating the dishes from the conveyer belt.
              It is worth a visit but I would make sure to make reservations because I think they will continue to fill up -- at least while this is new.

            2. re: Kosher Critic

              Are my fears confirmed, i.e., is Sushein closed for business? Seems that way unless it just closed for Succos?

              1. re: Kosher Critic

                Well, they posted to their Facebook wall an hour ago advertising the business, so maybe they're not closed, even on Succos.


                1. re: tamarw

                  They have a jdeal today, so I doubt they're closed.

                  1. re: avitrek

                    I was saying that their social media activity is evidence that they're alive and well ;)

                    1. re: tamarw

                      Glad to hear. The reason for my concern is that one day last week they were not open and did not answer the phone. (No, it was not yomtov.)