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Sep 13, 2011 11:32 AM

Tortellini/ravioli filling question

In a book I have called “Da Silvano Cookbook” there is a recipe for “Tortelline alla Panna” or “Tortellini with Cream Sauce.” In the introductory comments to the recipe it says that they use “tortellini filled with a combination of prosciutto and mortadella.” I’m not likely to make tortellini, but I could make small ravioli with this filling. I wonder if anyone has a recipe for this filling. Or ideas. Thanks.

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  1. I'd be willing to bet it's about equal parts of the ground meat, bound w/ ricotta and egg.

    1. Hiya Dave... Here's a pretty good rendition of the filling you're looking for. I would omit the ground meat, however, and increase the quantity of the prosciutto and mortadella...but you get can get the idea from this recipe... and perhaps leave the ground pork, etc. in.

      1. I would add as well a little Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a scintilla of nutmeg (fresh ground only).