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Sep 13, 2011 11:22 AM

Chucks Now Open in Raleigh

Chucks has opened in Raleigh and features burgers that I believe are premade. I believe they are all $9 with a side of fries being about 3-4 bucks. While that sounds expensive, it isn't much more than the highest price you may pay for a combo meal at a fast food joint. I am not sure, but I'd hazard a guess that they are grinding their own meat and will allow for medium rare burgers. I've seen 2 photos floating around and the burgers look good. They are all I believe 1/2 pound. Anyone want to report with some definitive details.

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  1. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to try them yet. Went by earlier today and it appeared only a couple of people there but I couldn't see inside very well.

    I am curious what you mean by "premade" and why you think that. By that do you mean the patties are pre-formed and ready for grilling or do you mean they are made up and cooked to some degree and then finished off after an order is received?

    1/2 pound is a good size burger and $9 seems about average price for a top burger at other area spots. I think that's about equal to basic burger at the BusyBee next door but generally includes fries or another side. I think Raleigh Times bar is $7.95 for basic burger but no sides and chips are $1 and fries are $2.50.

    Raleigh Times Bar
    14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

    1. We've been over this before. Grinding your own meat does not mean you can cook a rare/medium rare burger in North Carolina.

      The first rule of medium rare burgers is you don't talk about medium rare burgers!

      1. My crew is heading over to Raleigh this weekend to try Chuck's. I will report back.

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          The four of us went to Chuck's for dinner Saturday. We were there around 5:00 and it wasn't too busy. We ordered 4 burger and 2 orders of fries. We had the spirit animal, dirty south, high and valley and bradley time. My wife & I thought the Bradley time was the best with the dirty south coming in second. The Bradley Time has roasted beets and blue cheese. The pairing really worked well.

          All the burgers were good. In fact, each burger was cooked to a pleasant, uniform color. The burgers were nice and juicy. The bun could be upgraded as it was pretty pedestrian and was falling apart as I finished my Spirit Animal, but the bun is just a delivery device for the good stuff.

          The fries were a little fatter than I'd like, but we ate them up greedily anyway. They came out in Chinese take out boxes. They were hot and varies between crispy and soft creamy. In Belgium, they are served in a paper cone, so this was an interesting twist. We got four sauces. I think the red pepper aoili was the best though the green peppercorn dijon was really good too. We all enjoyed dipping the fries in the sauces.

          Shakes we choose a salty peanut butter & banana, peach cobbler and a malted Madagascar (vanilla). All were creamy and nice. I think the salty peanut butter was awesome.

          As far as cost goes, most places charge at least a buck each for "premium" toppings like bacon or cheese, so I'm not bent out of shape for paying $80 for a dinner for 4 of us, especially when the restaurant is trying to do something creative and interesting. If we'd have gotten carry out sushi, we'd have paid over $100.

          Is this the best burger in Raleigh? It's really hard to compare the Chuck's burgers to a "have it your way" type of burger, because the toppings are an integral part of the experience. I don't think it really matters all that much, since it's such a subjective topic. For us, it was worth a drive to Raleigh from CH to go to Chuck's.

          They had a couple of beers on tap and a few wines. No cocktails. They had a nice selection of sodas, including a root beer from Aviator Brewing.

        2. What I meant is that what it appears is that the menu has a burger with a certain name and it comes with X items which I'm sure can be changed out or removed. I only saw a photo of part of the menu so as far as create your own burger.. I don't know if it exists.

          Naco - sorry I guess I'm out of the club now :-(

          I be curious to see what The Straight Beef guys have to say on the burger.

          See what you can make of this..

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          1. re: burgeoningfoodie

            Thanks re clarification on the pre-made comment. That is consistent with what I have heard too. Hopefully they will leave off a topping or so if requested but I wonder how open they are to basically crafting your own? I've heard somewhere too that fries are like $4 an order--so burger (with set toppings) plus an order of fries would run $13 or so. Haven't been able to verify all of that though.

            1. re: Guilty Gourmand

              The price is consistent with other premium burger joints, but hopefully the product will beat what's served at a place like Tribeca.

              For example, at 5 Guys one of their regular double-patty burgers with cheese, bacon, fries and drink is just under $12 - and they don't hurt for business. But, I think Chuck's is table service so add a few bucks for tip, so you're looking at around $15 for a meal. If the beef is good quality, as well as the other products (maybe even organic?) then I'd say it's worth it as long as they taste good.

              Here's hoping the burgers at Chuck's are awesome. There's a bounty of burger joints in Raleigh now but a lot of them are just sub-standard with premium prices.

              1. re: Leadmine

                Chuck's does not offer table service. You order at the counter and they give you a number and bring your dish out to you. They have a tip jar.

                All burgers are $9. 1/2 pound of fries is $4. Shakes, malts, and floats are $5.

                I was very impressed with the quality of the burger and toppings. The fries are the best I've had anywhere in Raleigh.

                1. re: rafeco

                  Yeah saw your post on another social site. Which burger did you have? Was the place loud? Others besides myself will want details.

                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                    We've been twice. On opening night we stopped in out of curiosity and split the burger with guacamole, roasted red peppers, and bacon jam. Then we went for a late lunch today and I had the Dirty South burger. We've also tried the vanilla malt and the salty peanut butter and banana malt.

                    I liked the Dirty South burger better. It has hoop cheese, fried onion straws, red pea "chili" and I think barbeque. It sort of tastes like a chili dog hamburger, and it's really, really good. The other burger is good, mainly due to the guacamole. The roasted red peppers are not quite right (too thick and toothsome) and the bacon jam is surprisingly difficult to pick out with the other flavors.

                    The vanilla malt is outstanding, the peanut butter and banana malt is probably not quite as good as the one from Cook Out (which is great).

                    One thing I will add is that the patty on the burger is really, really outstanding. I have not specified rareness and am not really one who goes out of their way to get a rare burger, so I can't comment in that regard. What I will say is that it's very moist and very tasty.

                    The place has not been a madhouse the way Beasley's has, mainly because it's not designed for people to linger. You come in, order your burger, eat it, and leave. I didn't find it to be especially loud even on opening day. Today when we went nobody else was there at all (it was around 3pm, a totally dead time).

                    Chuck's charges premium prices but I feel like everything we've had has been a premium product. If I want a cheap burger, I can go to Cook Out. If I want a really delicious one, I can go to Chuck's.

                2. re: Guilty Gourmand

                  Yes it says at the bottom of that photo like a 1/2 pound of fries for 4 bucks or something to that liking. Don't see the prices on the floats and milkshakes.

                  1. re: Guilty Gourmand

                    I would hope you could get a burger without say mayo.(yechh) for example.

                    1. re: LBD

                      I see a lot of folks raving about their shakes. Has anyone tried their cocktails?

                3. Just wanted to note that I had a chance to try Chuck's last week. Went for dinner and got a Dirty South Burger and split some fries. I thought both were very good and the atmosphere pleasant although the stools take a bit of balancing. The meat on the burger seemed very good and it was a nice size. The flavors were also very good but to be honest there was so much going on that it was hard to really distinguish or discern the various components. (The Dirty South has Pork Shoulder, Red Pea "Chili", Cheddar, crispy onion straws, red tomato slaw, and mustard so I guess sort of a gourmet Carolina burger with bacon, chili and slaw.) The slaw I got and the "chili" was interesting but I couldn't really make out the pork shoulder or the onion straws, etc. Guess I need to go back and pay closer attention. The fries were also fine--not particularly hot but a little different from the ordinary and pretty good.

                  I also had gone resigned to having to get a tea with no refill like at Beasley's but to my surprise when I tried to order that I was informed there was no tea. I somehow missed that they had baby cokes in little bottles which would have been ok but I don't get the whole tea thing going on there. If I cannot have actual bacon and actual chili on my carolina burger I would at least like to be able to wash it down with some iced tea.

                  I enjoyed the meal and will definitely go back but I'm far more likely to hit the Busy Bee next door where I can get a simpler high quality burger and fries for less and where my dining companions can branch out to other things. Although probably not for less $$ and not as wide a variety of toppings, I'm more likely to hit the Raleigh Times Bar too where there are some vegetarian options for my wife. Actually truth be told though when really in the mood for burger and fries I'm most likely to hit Brewmasters where I can get a good burger, fries and a huge range of beer and be able to see and taste the beef and the bacon and the cheddar.

                  None of that's meant to be a criticism of Chuck's as I know they are in different categories, etc. but I guess I do have some concerns about the viability of the Piggly Wiggly eateries there. I hope they both do well but I am concerned that it could be a bit tough given the variety of burgers and prices so close together and the limited menus of Chuck's and Beasley's. Maybe they will sell enough cocktails the food won't matter.

                  Raleigh Times Bar
                  14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601