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Sep 13, 2011 10:58 AM

What would you buy with $100 on Amazon?

I have been collecting Amazon gift cards from various sources (mainly from online surveys) and I have probably a little over $100. I want to splurge on something for my birthday and I'm thinking something cooking-related. I love to cook but don't do enough of it, mainly because I work a lot. I'm looking for suggestions for cookware/tools available on Amazon that would make cooking more fun, easier, etc. Here's what I already have: KA stand mixer, Oster blender, breadmaker, rice cooker (small), Cuisinart mini food processor, a few good knives (2 chefs knives, paring, bread slicer, tomato slicer, and steak knives), a mandoline slicer, food scale, salad spinner, pressure cooker (wedding gift 5 years ago and still haven't used...), decent set of pans from Costco )and two large chef's pans I use all the time). Wow - sounds like a lot when I write it all out! Anything I'm missing though?

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  1. In my opinion, you can always use a good dutch oven, I have two of my great-grandmothers and use them about twice a month for stews. I love cast-iron cookware though, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt :)


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      Hmm...I don't have one of those so that's a thought. I'm not a big stew-maker but that could change! :-)

      1. re: Emily928

        Think braise instead of stew and get yourself a copy of Molly Stevens' excellent book All About Braising to go along with your Dutch oven. A dutch oven has a lot of other uses, too, e.g. making slow-simmered pasta sauces.

    2. ice cream maker for the KA?

      1. Rice cooker?
        Bread machine?
        pizza stone & paddle?

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          I thought about a bigger rice cooker. I have a small one and it seems like a waste to buy something I already have, but I know they make some pretty nice ones. I do have a bread machine, which I thought was a necessity since I have to eat gluten free, but I don't use it nearly enough. Ditto on the pizza stone - I should use mine more.

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            You're a lucky gal - I'll have to come up with something else for you :-))

            O.K. an induction hob. I have two. Both were under $100.

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            Oh if only we had a TJ's here (Louisville, KY). We're supposed to be getting one though - I can't wait. Can you buy GCs for other stores on Amazon?

          2. Would the $100 need to cover the entire item, or just the majority of it (50% or more)? :-)

            If $100 had to cover everything, I'd probably decide to use it to stock up on some of the food items that we buy regularly via Amazon either because they are cheaper or because they're unavailable locally.

            The problem is that the only cookware items I'm currently interested in are all $100+. That would be either a replacement countertop oven (either the Breville Compact or the Cuisinart TOB-195, both priced at about $170) or the new Zoji thermal cooker (which sadly is over $200, ouch).

            Then again, I might take a flyer on the Shun Ken Onion 7" cleaver, just for the heck of it. I have the little paring knife ($139) in that style and despite its rather weird look, really like it! The cleaver is another over-$100 item but not as much so as the toaster oven or thermal cooker and Amazon currently sells it for $100 cheaper than everyone else (although the discount isn't as much as they show it being).

            Suggestion for the OP: How are you fixed for bakeware? You can stock up on Fat Daddio's pans quite a bit for $100! :-) IMHO they are the best and Amazon carries the entire line (no, don't ask me how I know that, LOL).