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Sep 13, 2011 10:13 AM

Isomalt uses

Hi All,

I'm one of those lucky ones with a sweet tooth that really can't have sugar anymore. :(

I'm trying to be creative and find ways to still enjoy myself and have some cake every now and then. I'm a real believer in Stevia, except for the fact that it doesn't bake well. There's too much fructose in agave (my blood sugar spikes like crazy from it) so I'm looking at isomalt; the one sugar alcohol I seem to tolerate well.

Does it work in baking?

It seems to react like sugar in candymaking, but will it work in a cake?

Does it carmelize?

Does anyone out there have experience they'd like to share?


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  1. It will caramelize somewhat, but definitely not to the extent of regular sugar. I wonder about using it in a cake... depending on the quantities required, it may be detrimental to feed large slices of said cake to your guests - isomalt has a tendency to encourage certain *ahem* bodily functions.

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    1. re: shouzen

      Yes, I thought of that- it is a sugar alcohol and all folks react to these alcohols differently. For me, malitol does "very bad things". I am okay with isomalt, though.

      Perhaps I should restrict this foray to cupcakes? :)

      1. re: Steevogrande

        Really small cupcakes unless you decide to hand out the Depends before service.

        1. re: wattacetti

          I think I'll just play Dr. Jekyll and experiment on myself with these.

          I should point out that it was never my plan to inflict them on family and friends. I'm just a little jealous of the pubcakes my wife brings home (yes, I said "pubcakes") and I'm looking for a way to join in that won't spike my blood sugar so badly.

          I wonder if I should rethink the stevia? Maybe there is a way to use it that is workable in a baking situation.