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Sep 13, 2011 09:36 AM

Ladies Lunch in Philadelphia

Hi, my daughter's boyfriend's mother is visiting from out of town and I'm looking for a good lunch spot. She is staying near the Convention Center so anywhere in Center City is fine. I'm looking for something good yet casual and somewhere where we won't be rushed! Any good ideas? Help!

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    1. re: rocknroll52

      + 1 for Caribou. That was always a good, long lunch spot when I worked around there. As well as El Vez.

      I've heard good things about lunch at XIX at the Bellevue. I think they run a lunch special as well.

      1. re: urbanfabric

        XIX is awesome for lunch, especially if you're looking for something elegant in an attractive setting yet not stuffy. The lunch deal is $20 for the salad buffet, a cooked entree and then the dessert buffet. Really lovely environment and excellent food - even if you're not normally a buffet person.

        No rushing the few times I've been, and nice and quiet for conversation as well.

    2. barbuzzo is open for lunch m-f

      lunch at kanella is fantastic and quite comfortable/leisurely

      garces trading co is what i think of when i am asked for a "good yet casual" recommendation

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      1. re: InSearchOfTacos

        I'll second lunch at Kanella. I went there for the first time recently and everything was superb. The chef personally gave me some recommendations and they certainly did not disappoint.

        Try the malohwa and greek salad.

      2. I love The Dandelion on 18th. It is supposed to be a reproduction of a British pub. The dining rooms are charming (ask for the Dog Room if you go), and the food is very good. Their burger is one of my favorites in the city and the fish and chips are impeccable as well. There is also a proper afternoon tea, which I haven't gone to yet.

        1. Had a lovely lunch recently at R2L, at the top of Liberty2. The entrance is on 16th Street between Market and Chestnut. Spectacular view, not too expensive, quiet and not rushed.

          Another lunch favorite is Chops, at 7th and Walnut. Delicious salads. Great bread, and everyone gets a side of hash browns and homemade chips. Quiet, not rushed.

          Used to like Caribou, but not so much recently.