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Sep 13, 2011 09:18 AM

Mi Pueblito near Yankee Stadium

Hello all,

I ended up at Mi Pueblito completely by random yesterday as my friend and I waited for a fellow foodie who never showed (we were going to Bate for Guinean food.) After about an hour of waiting we said enough is enough and went for tacos. Mi Pueblito is a tiny 6-10 seat Mexican joint off the Grand Concourse within extremely easy distance of Yankee Staium. Basically if you want tacos and you're going to a Yankee game then go here.

A few unfamiliar new friends are on the taco menu! I got one taco with pickled cactus, eggs and quesillo and another with potatoes, chile abobo and chorizo. Both fillings were unique and I was surprised to spot them on this menu. The second taco was lacking on chorizo, but was tasty. The first one, however, was excellent. Crunchy pickled cactus was scattered throughout a chunk of egg that seemed like half of it was left fried and intact while the rest was whipped into an omelet. Each bite brought you closer to a blast of yolk at the center of the taco. One of the best tacos I've had in a long time. Not destination food, but excellent tacos near Yankee Stadium.

I remembered the place because of this article (which also gave me Bate where I ate dinner later on.)

Fauzia's wasn't out yesterday even though it was a Mon and she shouldn't be on Gov Island. Anyone know her hours?

Mi Pueblito
111 E 167th St, Bronx, NY 10452

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  1. She's usually around 3-4 in the afternoon unless she runs out earlier. For those interested, she posts the day's menu on her Twitter feed:

    1. I'm late responding to this post, but I love this place (until this week, I worked nearby). The tacos con suadero (goat) were delicious.