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Sep 13, 2011 08:31 AM

Iron Hill Brewery Montco ??

My husband's going to a business dinner down in Delaware and they're taking him to Iron Hill Brewery. He checked out the menu online and I'm guessing he liked what he saw. He sent me an e-mail "we don't eat here... why not??"

When it was new, I remember he and I having drinks at the bar and maybe a nosh, but I'm guessing there was nothing special about what we ate, because I don't recall anything other than the fact that it was a smoking bar (at the time) and they seemed to have good air quality despite the smoke-stacks that were sitting a few seats down.

I looked at the menu and thought "not bad" as far as their offerings, but am wondering about their execution. anyone been there that can shed some light on why we should go? or why we should avoid the place?


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  1. I eat there from time to time. Would consider it high end pub food. The appetizers are really good, so sometimes we go with a group and order just those to share. There is an asian chicken app, as well as several mexican items I like in this category. Another thing I like there is a decent low calorie section on the menu. Last time I was there I had a really delicious small steak with a wine sauce and very tasty veggie medley.

    But I have to say my all time favorite is their turkey burger. It is absolutely the best one I have ever had. Full of flavor, comes with guacamole & other topings. To me a turkey burger has a lot of potential for blandness or feeling empty after eating one, but not in this case. Delicious, satisfying, and original.

    I'm not a beer drinker myself, but the wine selections are decent. Same for service, never had any problems there.

    1. I assume you are referring to the Iron Hill in North Wales in the same shopping center as Trader Joes.

      The food there has been up and down. Truffles is right about the apps. If you sit at the bar they even have a bar and small plates menu. I have had a decent seared tuna appetizer. I have enjoyed several of their soups including a decent conch chowder that had a nice kick to it. Their pizzas done in a wood burning oven are passable, though the crust is never thin enough and you don't get the blistering that I like in a great pizza. Also, like many of the restaurants around there it gets real crowded, especially on weekends. The noise level can be quite high as there is little to dampen it (wood flooring, and industrial high ceilings... ).

      In terms of the beer, I enjoy their Saison, and when they have something on cask those offerings.

      1. I've eaten there a few times--both lunch and dinner--and have always left happy. I especially like their flank steak with its interesting chipotle lime sauce and very creamy mac and cheese and their seafood stew for dinner. For lunch the group tends to stay with burgers and sandwiches, which are good and the sandwiches qualify as two meals for many of us. As truffles noted, it's essentially high-end pub grub.

        The beer is the real standout though. The servers are very knowledgeable about it and encourage you to taste a beer or ale before purchase. In fact, maybe the beer is why some of us cannot finish the meal :)

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          Well said, pretty good pub-grub. I have always like their burgers and my wife likes the hummus plates, The service always has been good for a pub. I like some of their beers, it is a preference thing. Set expectation at the Pub level and you will not be disappointed, probably. As cw mentioned "the noise level can be quite high" In the bar area "deafening".

        2. Thanks! I"m adding this to my list of places to hit up in the area

          (to be honest with you, we're getting tired of Huey's in Lansdale, they do a few things there really well... but how often can you eat grilled chicken and turkey clubs?)

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            I find Iron Hill "hit or miss". Their burgers are usually really good. The last time I ordered one MR, it was very well done. The salads are average and pricy. I think the wine list is okay, but not great. Their wings are decent. We took them off the list last time we went. Let us know how your experience is and maybe we will give them another chance.

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              But cgarner soon Huey's will offer haunted dining! Someone sure has fun decorating that place to the max!

            2. For the wife and I it's a beer destination not a food destination. But we do like taking the kids there as it's big and friendly with food that they can eat and which isn't too pricey and they have beer (good beer).