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Sep 13, 2011 07:18 AM

Where to eat at Queen and Bathurst

I'll be in the area for dinner and was looking for suggestions.
From inexpensive to mid-price range.
No Indian or spicy food.

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  1. Epicure

    Porchetta & Co

    The One That Got Away

    502 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B3, CA

    1. The newly opened Bohemian Gastropub is good.

      Terroni's is about 5 mins. west of Bathurst, on Queen.

      and I second Epicure! It's great good, reasonablely priced!

      The Bohemian Gastropub
      571 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, CA

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      1. re: urbanhaze

        Went here for a snack, got the celeriac salad -- it was really good! Not many veg options though, just the salad and maybe one other dish.

      2. 416 Snack Bar is just north of Bathurst on Queen. More bar than restaurant but you can make a great meal out of their menu. Fantastic pork buns and other treats.

        NY Subway just reopened and is another great option for a cheap dinner

        416 Snack Bar
        181 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON , CA

        1. Arepa Cafe - just skip the optional hot sauce.

          Arepa Cafe
          490 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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          1. re: Cat123

            Is that because the hot sauce is hot, or because it's not good?

            1. re: hari mirch

              I am thinking they are saying that because it is HOT. Like, REALLY HOT. When the waiter warned us that it was hot I was skeptical but I just tried a bit and did find it hot indeed. I enjoyed the flavour though just heed warnings and only try a little bit if you like hot or skip it if you don't like any heat. You can always add more after :) And, I agree with the Arepa recommendation. I was coming in here to post that. Big Smoke Burger (old Craft Burger) isn't that far either.

              Big Smoke Burger
              573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

              Arepa Cafe
              490 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

              1. re: hari mirch

                Or maybe Cat123 mentioned it because the poster specifically said no spicy food.

            2. Just A great place to relax and enjoy a casual meal is the Hot Wings Grill and Rib House - Comfort Food served in a very relaxed and fun invironment - Prices are very reasonable and this place definatelly deserves a visit by Guy fron DDD -- The grilled wings in lemon pepper sauce are spectacular - i had them Saurday night - As they dont offer Grilled on the menu , you have to rerquest thee wings grilled

              Hot Wings
              563 Queen St West