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Sep 13, 2011 01:32 AM

Where and what was your best meal in Tuscany?

We're here in Tuscany on our honeymoon and have been hopping from restaurant to restaurant based on numerous Chowhound message threads (report to come soon after we return!!) and with only a few days left (and GPS and car to get anywhere in Tuscany), we'd love to know the best meal you had in Tuscany and where it was. Hopefully this list will be beneficial to others, too.

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  1. best meal, I don't know, but one of the best is to be had at Dario Cecchini - if you are a meat lover, it is heaven!

    1. Well, it would kind of help to get an idea of what you think is good or where you've been.

      I think my best meal was in San Casciano Val di Pesa at a place called "La Fattoria." They make maialino al latte in a wood burning oven, a fiorentina that tastes like butter, and a pici with a white sugo. love that place.

      I also really like this place called "osteria delle brace" in San Donato Which is high up on a hill in Tuscany. You eat on a patio over looking all of Chianti and eat delicious food. It's a meat place, so don't go there looking to eat light. In fact, if you have no intention of eating meat, absolutely don't go.

      1. One of my favorite meals was at La Taverna at the Castelo Banfi winery in Montalcino. Amazing ribollita.