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Sep 13, 2011 01:26 AM

wedding cake (pittsburgh)

standard silliness with fondant. looking for a bakery that has lovely tasting cake as well as being pretty and ornamental. i know i can go sampling but, really, i'd rather have three solid places from which to sample than run around to many places and get frustrated and disappointed.

i've been pointed toward: cakes by tammy, prantl's (though i haven't really been impressed with their baked goods), autumn's cakes, sweethouse, carlini's, oakmont, bethel, vanilla ... i have to say that a few of these seem more like pittsburgh institutions rather that really great bakeries.

any advice would be appreciated. we're having a rather small thing, so not overly concerned about the price. i just want a cake that tastes as beautiful as it looks (and vice-versa).

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  1. Of the ones you've listed, I would ask for a tasting at Vanilla Pastry. I don't know if they do fondant or not.

    1. I'd skip Bethel and Prantl's - they both seem to have hit a "we're so well-known we don't have to try" level. I've had wonderful experiences at Oakmont, though. No knowledge of the others.

      1. Vanilla or Sugar (in Dormont). Iv'e also heard good things about Pastries a la cart in the South Hills.

        1. Jean Marc hands down. Unquestionably the finest cakes in Pitttsburgh:

          Jean Marc Chatelier
          213 North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

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            Oh, yeah. I've heard they're the best from a number of people.

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              I've only been to Jean Marc Chatelier a couple of times, but everything I've had is exceptional. This is my favorite bakery in the Pittsburgh area.


              Jean Marc Chatelier
              213 North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

            2. now here's the funny part ... after some intense discussion last night, my partner and i have decided to elope to austin. so now i'm going to look for a bakery there. however, we will be hosting a reception here and now i have three places to try out! and, since there are some major upcoming events in my world over the next two years, it will be great to find a bakery on which i can rely!

              thanks so much!